Why don’t more people carry?

Mike Kapic  3-6-2018

I wish I didn’t have a reason to carry a hidden assault pistol, but if I’m to take responsibility for myself and my family’s safety, I have no choice. You see, our government’s policies have forced me to decide to be either a victim or a gun owner. I’ve always been a person who took responsibility for myself and the situations I’m in. I’m a father and grand-father who has pledged to guide my family to be responsible civic caretakers of our country. As such, we will not be victims.

Due to government incompetence and bad policies that jeopardize our safety, I have decided to take charge of protecting my family. Policies such as the failure of the breakdown of the ‘school-to-jail chain’ that caused the FL shooting is an example. This policy was enacted by the last Democrat Administration to slow crime, but it backfired because the 19-year-old Florida man charged was never arrested for crimes he committed at school. That allowed him to pass the Federal background check that all legal and responsible gun owners must pass. The politically correctness of that policy caused 17 to die needlessly.

Because of continuing ineffective government policies, I’ve been compelled to become a registered and trained gun owner. I’ve realized the shear lunacy of gun free zones, such as churches, banks, doctor’s offices, schools, etc, as they are designed to leave the innocent vulnerable. We don’t need more gun controls. We need more government control by we the people. In the meantime, we should let the 3 million teachers with concealed weapon permits to have permission to protect our children.

Having liberty means I get to choose. I chose fighting fire with fire over poor government choices.