By Mike Kapic

Sunday is the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11. Do you have a nice, warm fuzzy that your President and his government have adequately established protections that will stop perils of any magnitude on Sunday by ISIS or any other hater of America? We’ll talk about the football players in a moment. No, I want you answer the question truthfully to yourself. Can a Paris or Nice or Germany or Boston or New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC in 2001, occur again in America today?

If you answer that you’re afraid or anxious or it could happen, but it won’t happen to me, then you basically don’t have much trust in your government to keep its people safe. Credible polls of a majority of Americans would agree with you.

Historically, governments only successes have come when it was on the offense and hasn’t done well on the defense. There are exceptions of course (Vietnam), but when the government was committed to winning, all out winning (WWII), it won. But we don’t have that government today. Our government helped create the North Korea, Iran, ISIS, China, Russia, and Middle East condition we see today.

NFL football players are following Colin Kaepernick’s example of twisting the truth and lying to impressionable youth about what the country’s police are allegedly doing to black people and are categorically false. True, there are a few bad cops, but by and large, officers in the police corps are good people. If this were a race issue, which in reality it is not, we should say the same is true of all races. There are always a few bad apples in the barrel.

Colin Kaepernick is advancing a fraud just like the folks holding up their arms after Ferguson MO and after the Grand Jury and DOJ arrived at the opposite conclusion. Or the Travon Martin case in FL resulted in a lawful conclusion, but ridiculed by the left.

We’re experiencing a period of divisive and divided ideology led by a Community Organizer in Chief that has traded the truth in for political ideology and rhetoric. We haven’t come to grips with the historical truth: Democrats began the Civil War, invented the KKK, segregation, and Jim Crowe laws in the 1860’s and fought against Republican sponsored legislation on Civil Rights, the 13th, 14th, & 15th Amendments giving blacks their freedom and much more.

Mr. Kaepernick may be playing into the hands of terrorists and setting America up for a rough day on Sunday. I hope not. Boycotting the NFL would be hard to do, but maybe it would be the only right thing to do for America. Remember those 3000 who perished on 9/11/2001. But also remember all of those in blue who serve with purpose and duty every day to help and protect. They deserve respect. And finally, the American flag and anthem are there for us to remember what the fallen have done for us. And we should not disrespect their ultimate sacrifice, regardless of their race.

America is not about race. Black people are not African-Americans, they’re Americans. And September 11 is a day of respect, not disrespect.