By Dennis Haugh – July 4, 2020

Since November of 1969, when President Richard Nixon first used the term, “silent majority” has been a part of the American vernacular. Like the terms “democracy” and “freedom,” we use it without giving more than a superficial thought to its meaning. We have grown to accept that a majority of Americans have a common view, and thus that is all it takes for the “right thing” to happen. Just a bit deeper inspection reveals that there is much assumed in this perception.

The biggest assumption is that every American is at liberty to express his or her view. After all, we have the First Amendment, right? Well, the First Amendment keeps the government from infringing upon our rights to express ourselves freely, but it does not protect us from each other. For far too long, we have complacently accepted the bias in the education system and the media. The younger generations have already been “re-educated” in the language of Marxism. They need to be educated in the classical sense, or they will be the architects of their own oppression.

But now, a real and immediate threat has raised its ugly head.

Historically, Americans have been able to change employers to pursue a better circumstance, whether it be more income, better working conditions, or career growth. The characteristics of American companies have been as varied as the number of companies themselves. That is no longer true is a VERY significant way.

Today, if it is discovered that you don’t have the politically correct view, you will be fired. If you are associated with someone who visibly steps out of line, you can be fired. Classically, being fired in the United States was not a death sentence. However, getting terminated for not being politically correct is a Scarlet Letter.

The “silent majority” has become the “silenced majority”.

If this is not bad enough, the people who control these corporations and inflict this top-down tyranny are also donating funds to known Marxist organizations.

The United States is in severe peril. The silenced majority may be able to vote at the ballot box, but even that is threatened by the shenanigans that Marxists are well known to employ – and they are well-funded to do so.

There is a power cycle funded by big money that threatens all American liberties – not from government, but from the private sector. With corporate executives enforcing political correctness, the last refuge is small business – and Covid-19 lockdowns and riots still threaten to crush that sector beyond recovery.

It appears that most of our institutions are failing the society that built them. It is not the time to be silent. It is time to get tough and determined. Fixing this mess starts with making private sector companies serve us first, instead of foreign interests. That may require national legislative and executive actions to rebalance their perceived benefits. But it will also require breaking the enforcement of political correctness from the media. In the short term, it requires the willingness to get terminated individually and be united in bringing an end to the corporate enforcement of political correctness. None of this will last unless the education system is fixed.

If the majority remains silenced, it will become the “oppressed majority”.

Dennis Haugh