By: Cheval – March 24, 2022

[Editor’s note: this is long but well worth your time. Be comfortable and cleared headed.]

It is often said to understand where you were going, you must first understand where you have been. Therefore, it is useful to look back over the past year or so to assess what we have or should have learned.

Starting with the “pandemic,” we can safely conclude that it was a fabricated event through the use of statistics, faulty testing, media fear-mongering, nursing home stuffing, emphasis on cases vs. recoveries, coercion of the medical community to conform to a one-way protocol. It was perpetrated by an unhealthy alliance between Big Pharma and government agencies that are supposed to be protecting us, making the situation appear far worse than it was, reinforcing fear to incessantly drive up vaccination numbers. First responders, police, fireman, doctors, nurses, paramedics were heroes one moment and fired the next for refusing the jab.

Sadly, we must conclude that many Americans are no different from those who fell victim to Nazi propaganda and narratives as we witnessed our fellow citizens groping around in fear of a pandemic, lining up for inoculations, following orders, wearing masks, social distancing, complying with vaccine mandates, avoiding one another as if radioactive, ostracizing the unvaccinated, willing to turn on their neighbor. Stockholm syndrome, cognitive dissonance, and mass formation psychosis are real and have infected roughly half of the American populace.

Discernment has fallen by the wayside of convenience and willful ignorance.

Nobody can say that they were untouched or unaffected in some way by the COVID-19. However, too many Americans naively believe that once we emerge from years of shutdowns, mandates, shaming, distancing, masks, that life will somehow return to normal. It will not.

It should be clear by now that COVID was wrought by collusion of powers to gain more control over national societies, especially Western democracies, to push totalitarian political and social agendas across the globe, and shepherd in the Great Reset envisioned by the World Economic Forum and its adherents. However, what we experienced was merely the opening salvo of globalist plans. They regard any means at their disposal as justified to achieve their ends. And as history has proven, the Left will transition to the next phase to push toward their ultimate objectives.

We can also safely say that there is no grand plan to take down the current administration, overturn the 2020 election, or have Trump reinstated. There is, however, a systematic effort by state legislators, digital warriors, Durham’s probe, and determined patriotic Americans to use our institutions to achieve justice, slowly pecking away at criminality to weed out the ne’er-do- wells amongst us.

The corruption in the deep state runs deeper than any of us had originally imagined. Last year’s conspiracies are this year’s truths. To avoid detection, Democrats consistently project their wrongdoing on innocents, which is a sure-fire way to gauge what the Democrats themselves are up to.

We can no longer trust our government. Biden and his administration are dishonest and unintelligible, corrupted to the core. Nearly every promise made has been overturned with a stroke of a pen or garbled in transmission.

The American people are no longer represented by their elected leaders. The very people that have been elected to represent us have been attempting to destroy the very things that provided us with our prosperity and affluence, our economic, political, and military might, and our beloved freedoms.

We live under an illusion of a two-party system. Our sometimes dubiously elected representatives have failed to advocate for our best interests. Unprecedented policies and actions by unelected representatives in government institutions, like the CDC, FDA, & NIH, have run roughshod over this country. You can no longer make grievances and expect fair redress from our government. Our new reality is that the freest nation on earth and leading democracy can and has been corrupted from within.

Further, we have witnessed an unholy marriage between government institutions and Big Pharma, Big Tech, and academia to conduct the bidding of the Leftist regime. The extent has been unprecedented. Throw in the support from the entertainment, sports, and large corporations, the ability to influence public opinion, coerce submission and compliance, neutralize dissent, keep citizens in the dark about whatever the government decides, has never been greater. We have observed a new form of corporate fascism where the government does not directly carry out oppressive action against the people, but relies on third-party actors, insulating the power brokers to such an extent that is nearly impossible to untangle the web of relationships, corruption, contracts, payoffs, money laundering, and criminal or treasonous activity going on behind the scenes.

We have learned that you do not need a majority to control a nation’s political and social agendas. By infiltrating and gaining key decision-making positions in Federal and state governments, courts, corporations, education, and unions, unpopular policies can be pushed, justice left unserved, untruths perpetuated, and dissenting views swept aside. Democracy works well when it supports Leftist agendas, but is cast aside when it stands in their way. Think electoral college, filibuster, SCOTUS packing, and fraudulent elections. They can turn a blind eye to riots, routine urban killings, rampant crime, and misdeeds of any nature unless committed by the opposing side.

Speaking of elections, the scale of evidence proving election fraud in 2020 has been massive, not just in the swing states, but also in traditional blue and red states where there was little reason to believe fraud had been committed at all. Overwhelming evidence of ballot harvesting, ballot box stuffing, real-time foreign and domestic tampering of voting machines, deleted voter files, state voter registration rolls off by hundreds of thousands of voters, and a plethora of middle-of-the-night shenanigans generated mathematically impossible results. As state legislatures continue to peel back associated criminality, nobody knows what may happen, but we know with certainty that our election systems are corrupted and broken.

Progressives cast aside and abandon individuals and narratives as soon as they no longer serve the Far-Left’s purposes. Their cronies are mere fronts to push narratives and enrich those leading the charge. If the Left’s policies, cancellation attempts, or fabricated crises fail, they simply move on to the next. Failures in Afghanistan, adverse events from vaccines, out-of-control inflation, and energy dependence come to mind. The Left thrives on a cycle of non-ending chaos. It’s what you do when your objective is power and control.

The Left truly has no interest in uniting the nation. There is no mandate from the people to support just about every progressive policy, except for support from a minority of coasties, recent college graduates, and self-acclaimed elitists who cannot shake their brain-washing and non-reality-based perspectives. Thanks to our higher education gauntlet and Left-backed influence shapers. Instead of seeking unification, the Left strives to divide us to keep our right hand from seeing what their left hand is doing. Remember the law of thermodynamics: when the heat is on someone else, it is not on you — a standard tactic out of the Left’s playbook.

Setting aside unification, the Left has been attempting to build its majority, since it is something they know they will never achieve because there simply is not enough support for their radical policies and ideas. The problem is that, by opening our southern border to allow more (mostly) Hispanics into the country, the Left failed to understand that hard-working Hispanics tend toward conservative principles, and the Left’s strategy is backfiring as increasing numbers lean to the Right.

Energy independence works. Energy dependence fails. The ripple effect of rising fuel and natural gas prices has touched not just every American, but nearly every segment of manufacturing, transportation, supply chains, services, name it. We now understand that Biden’s intention was either to appease his Far-Left constituency, follow globalist orders, intentionally cause inflation and economic collapse, or all four. In any case, what has become crystal clear is that this administration does not exist to look after the best interests of the US citizenry.

We have finally awakened to the fact that the media, including some of our beloved regular sources, can no longer be trusted. Ratings are plummeting for a few, but not fast enough. The major media players, even some traditional conservative outlets, refuse to acknowledge any election fraud or vaccine adverse events — tell you all you need to know. Instead, by now we should have glommed onto upstart independent news platforms as better sources of unadulterated news and analysis.

Geopolitically, Americans have finally started to learn that China has replaced Russia as our greatest competitor and adversary. When CCP doctrine states its goal to replace the US as the leading superpower economically and militarily by 2030, we should take China seriously. While we allow ourselves to be distracted by lesser events, China plows ahead with its ambitions.

Instead of getting wrapped up in a Russia-Ukraine conflict that has limited geopolitical value to the US, we need to keep our eyes on China’s continuing economic exploitation and military expansion across the globe and resist aiding the Chinese market and the temptation to enhance our bottom lines by transferring our national wealth and prestige to the country that seeks to displace us.

Despite the media’s demonization of Putin and his expansionist actions in Ukraine, what is not being revealed to the American public are that Putin’s motives may not be as nefarious as we are made to believe, and some of the broadcasted atrocities have already been proven to have been fabricated. The truth will out in time. However, what has emerged are admissions and recognition of more US-funded bio-labs in Ukraine. Worse yet, those familiar with the New World Order’s 16-year plan recognize calls to start a third world war that America is supposed to lose, thus toppling the remaining capstone, enabling the final fall of Western democracies.

The last lesson we should have recognized is that our founders knew what the hell they were doing. The checks and balances of our constitutional government, unique amongst the world’s nations, has so far prevented America from suffering the fate of other western nations, where citizens are losing their freedoms and are helpless to stop the Left’s advance except via massive protests and non-compliance. No matter where you stand on the issue, the Second Amendment right to bear arms has been arguably the single most important reason to keep our Federal government fearful, think Capitol fencing, and prevent the use of force on the American people. As we have now seen in other nations, where the people relinquished their arms as do-gooders, they have since been subjected to government tyranny that just a few years ago would have been unthinkable in their own countries.

Of all the things we have learned, what is the common denominator?

In all cases, those who are responsible for recent events and dragging the world’s societies over the coals have succumbed to the worst of human nature: their self-interest, greed, a quest for power and control, and desire for earthly rewards. They devalue humanity, placing their ambitions, dictates, and vision above all others. They are paving the way for the descent of man.

In short, they have relegated spirituality and God-consciousness because they know that if any peoples have belief in a higher authority and Creator, they are less willing to bend and comply with a controlling and oppressive government. Science and pragmatism have replaced God and a faith-based existence. They have substituted the morality of a higher authority to man’s secular and situational morality. They invent morality and subvert religion to advance their wants. Unchecked, men who lack a spiritual compass and understanding, lean toward the fallen angels of their nature.

And what are the implications of all this? We are not going to turn the situation around simply by running certain politicians out of town in 2022 and 2024. We are not going to be able to hold our breath and hope that this situation will change. We cannot expect Trump or anyone else to swoop in and save the day.

Instead, to reverse the course that we have been on, we must deliberately infuse the morality that helped catapult our nation to the unique position of greatness it once had. We, as an American society, must stop obliging claims that ideologies and cultural perversions must somehow be accepted and inculcated within our culture, rather than simply tolerated.

Political correctness, identity politics, radical feminism, moral relativism, postmodernism, social justice, and constructivism are tearing up and leading to the downfall of our wonderful nation and making us the laughing stocks on the world stage. To be blunt, these things need to go and be permanently eradicated.

Of all the lessons we have learned, perhaps the most important is this: we are suffering from a self-inflicted wound. We have allowed our society’s moral principles to drift away. We are letting all of this happen, by accepting moral decline, through fear of sacrifice and loss of comfort, we are continually complicit with progressives’ aims.

We already acknowledge that principles and values held up by the progressives are flawed, but acknowledgment not followed by action is useless. It is essential for people to stand up and say enough is enough. We must admonish bad behavior and have the courage to call out immorality, nonsensical ideas, and politically correct language wherever progressive thought lurks. Start with protecting our children and their minds. Draw in individuals one by one to fix our nation’s moral compass.

It is incumbent upon all of us to reveal corrupt practices and do whatever is necessary to rid education, local, state, and federal governments, churches, corporations, and all arenas of polluted progressive ideals, with no apology.

Western values and Christian-Judeo principles require protection at every turn. They are the cornerstone of all things responsible for the uniqueness of our nation.

The descent of man can be reversed.

Ours is a hill worth dying on.

There are no others.