“[A free market should] Let each person survey his or her immediate economic surroundings and, using his or her unique knowledge and perspective, adjust.” Donald J. Boudreaux

“These terms (“retail industry, consumer demand, textile industry”) too easily give us the impression that we can know enough about the phenomena to which they refer.” Donald J. Boudreaux

“The complexity of the global economy is mind-boggling, and yet it works amazingly well—so well that we take it for granted.” Donald J. Boudreaux

“The Left’s view of abortion equates a woman as only a vehicle for getting the fetus to birth and then he or she magically becomes a person. In other words, pregnancy to the Left is not a part of motherhood or the love that created it.” Michael Kapic

“This boy tried making bombs. If there were bombs that had gone off, you blame the bomber. If there is a drunk-driver accident, you blame the drunk driver. You blame the person. You blame the human. But if it’s a shooter, you blame the gun. That’s what society is doing here.” Annabelle O’Day, 18, a survivor of the Santa Fe High School shooting on May 18, 2018 after ten fellow students were killed.


“You can’t make stricter gun laws or stuff like that and expect it all to go away. People will break the rules if they want to. It’s illegal for a 17-year-old to have a gun. It’s illegal to kill people. It’s illegal to have a gun on campus. But people still do it.

“So, making stricter gun laws isn’t going to stop people from doing it. Even if you were to take guns off this entire earth, somebody could come in with a knife. Somebody could put anthrax in all the ketchup packets in school. It’s going to happen regardless if somebody has the motive.” Grace John, 18 & a survivor at Santa Fe High School, Texas, shooting May 18, 2018 after ten fellow students were killed.


“Come back to Washington sometime. You will be stunned how many people back there think they’re smart, and think they can run your life.” – Rep. David Schweikert (AZ)

“Let this happy day give birth to an American Republic. Let her arise not to devastate and to conquer but to reestablish the reign of peace and law.” Richard Henry Lee on signing the Declaration

“Liberty without wisdom and virtue is the greatest of all possible evils.” Edmund Burke