Does Anybody Really Care about America’s $22 Trillion Debt? – 

by Stuart MacPhail   June, 2019

On June 18 the Orlando Sentinel carried a piece entitled “National debt is $22 trillion and counting, and neither party cares”. The author, Scott Maxwell, says “At $22 trillion, the national debt is so large, it’s hard for most people to fathom.  The number has more zeros than a football team has players on the field: $22,000,000,000,000.”

He points out that “It took this country more than a century to accumulate its first trillion dollars in debt.  Now we add a trillion dollars each year.”

Maxwell writes “Every now and again someone makes a stab at curbing the debt and gets roundly rejected. Republican Sen. Rand Paul tried just two weeks ago but was pooh-poohed by most of his fellow Republicans….  Paul’s plan was flawed.  But most politicians have given up on even trying — including those who constantly yap about being fiscal conservatives.”  Read Maxwell’s piece HERE.

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