By Michael Farris

October 22, 2018

Transgender “Laws”, Trump, the New York Times, and Constitutional Democracy

The New York Times breathlessly condemned President Trump for dismantling the “laws” creating legal “rights” for transgendered persons.

The only problem is there are no such federal laws.

Laws are made by Congress.

Obama issued countless executive edicts purporting to create these transgendered regulations. These are not laws. These are not consistent with Article I Section 1 of the Constitution which proclaims that all laws are to be made by Congress.

In a Constitutional Republic, the principles of democracy require all laws to be made by the legislative representatives of the people.

President Trump is not dismantling established law. He is reversing acts of tyranny.

Tyranny is the correct term when any government agent (other than a legislature) purports to make law.

One would think that the New York Times shouldn’t need a basic lesson in Constitutional Law. But alas, it does.