Leftmedia Layoffs Are Great News

These “journalists” have betrayed public trust and should be put out of work in favor of more honest competition.

By Nate Jackson – January 26, 2023

“I don’t think people understand how bad the world would be without journalists,” lamented Taylor Lorenz, a whiny Millennial “journalist” employed by The Washington Post. For now.

Lorenz was panicking about the wave of layoffs hitting Leftmedia outlets in recent months — roughly 20,000 in 2023, with a lot more coming in 2024. She says, “The entire journalism industry is basically in a free fall.”

We’ve written recently about troubles at The Washington Post and Sports Illustrated. The Post offered buyouts for 240 jobs or about 10% of its workforce. SI laid off its entire staff.

Well, they’re not alone. The Los Angeles Times is laying off 115 staffers this week, including its entire DC bureau. The layoffs represent nearly a quarter of the paper’s total newsroom, and it’s the second round of layoffs there in recent months. One of those workers says the layoffs “decimated” the ranks of blacks and Latinos, which we confess is amusing given all the race-baiting about the Right coming out of the LA Times.

Our friends at The Babylon Bee must’ve had the same thought: “Laid-Off LA Times Reporter Sits On Street Corner With Sign Reading ‘Will Call You Racist For Food.”

CNN, NBC News, CBS News, NPR, TIME magazine, National Geographic, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Business Insider, Vice, Vox Media, The Verge, and a long list of other media outlets have all cut jobs in recent months or plan to in the near future. Even our old pals at BuzzFeed shut down their entire news division last year. Pity.

Far be it from us to revel in the misery of others, but this couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

Lorenz is an entitled and dishonest brat with a partisan axe to grind (here’s just one example). She’s not really a journalist as the word was once understood. She’s also cast in the same factory mold as practically every other “journalist” inhabiting the “newsrooms” of American media publications. The factory, so to speak, is a leftist-dominated academia that trains aspiring journalists to be activists instead.

The so-called journalists losing their jobs left and right didn’t sign up for a career of simply telling people what’s happening in the world. They’re Marxist bots motivated by delusions of grandeur about changing the world.

The self-importance is something to behold. On Wednesday, The New York Times fretted, “As Americans prepare for an election year that will feature disinformation wars, A.I.-generated agitprop and a debate over the future of democracy, the mainstream news industry — once the de facto watchdog and facilitator of public discourse — is struggling to stay afloat.”

Perhaps because the Leftmedia is responsible for the “disinformation wars.”

CNN headline tells us that all these “brutal” Leftmedia layoffs are “raising questions about the future of journalism.”

No, they’re answering questions about the history of journalism.

CNN also blames “antidemocratic candidates” who “have intentionally worked to undermine faith in news outlets as they look to seize power in election contests.” That’s a strange way to say that candidates are pointing out the corruption and rot in the media. In fact, CNN’s statement itself illustrates the rot.

As any reader of The Patriot Post is well aware, part of our very reason for being is counteracting the leftist monopoly on public opinion. We make no bones about not being journalists, however, as our interest is analyzing and interpreting the news in light of its effects on American Liberty.

When we launched back in 1996, we were part of the earliest wave of conservative news alternatives. Our ranks of subscribers and readers have grown tremendously in recent years. Options have exploded in the last three decades, and it’s great news that millions of Americans have learned to distrust Big Media and are turning away from it.

That doesn’t mean truth is always prevailing. Many Americans are merely tuning out the news entirely, or they’re finding information from social media influencers who can be even less reliable than Big Media journalists. Worse, Big Tech has partnered with the media hacks called “fact-checkers” to censor free speech for any who dare challenge The Narrative™. Clearly, media organizations aren’t learning the right lesson here. Good business practice would be reporting the facts, not suppressing them or telling lies. Journalism means telling people what someone did or said, not libeling and slandering half the country.

Since Leftmedia goons decided long ago to become enemies of the people, we’re not ashamed to cheer when they fail.

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