Leesa Williams

Why is this election cycle so incredibly volatile?   I would like to use this opportunity to examine the top two presumptive candidates in the Presidential campaign.  Why do we say we now have to choose the lesser of two evils?  That if one of the two presumptive candidates is elected, it will be the end of the world as we know it.  Why have we, as a country, chosen these two individuals in particular?  I challenge you to examine for yourself what is going on in our country. I do not support either of our nominees.  I am merely trying to weigh the pros and cons of both to cast a better vote.

Let’s look at the Democratic presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton.

I would describe the character of Hillary Rodham Clinton as untrustworthy and self-serving.  One of those who wants to rise to the top and control everything around her for HER benefit and gain.  It is called power.  I believe she not only wants to be President but she wants to be a Global Ruler.  Here is why:

Did you know that Bill Clinton asked her repeatedly to marry him and she refused. Her Bio on the internet shows she wanted to be known for her accomplishments not his.  Then, when she did not pass the Bar in DC but did in Arkansas, she decided to marry him and move to Arkansas.  They were married in their living room by a Methodist minister.  Really?!  Is that every little girl’s dream wedding?

She has learned how to elevate her and her husband to unlimited resources and prestige and therefore appears to be “above the law”.  She will look caring and compassionate and legitimately concerned for whatever the cause.  Time and time again she has gone to bat for the people but she didn’t always come through with the promised outcome now did she.   She has learned that people/governments have perceived that she and her husband have some kind of super power that will lead to money making deals for potential investors.  It is amazing to me how struggling countries in Africa, with warlords for leaders, can have a Clinton visit and receive praise by the former President for the “humanitarian contributions” that particular ruler had supposedly embraced.  Who made Bill Clinton God?  Who gave Bill Clinton the authority to declare that leader a “humanitarian” when others such as the UN and our own country have declared strict sanctions because the ruler IS so brutal to his people? And we are to accept these statements from the Clintons as authority on the topic?  I don’t think so.

Why would Bill Clinton want to visit these countries in Africa and aboard?  Why did he repeatedly take Canadians whose background was in mining to these particular countries (so rich in gold and/or diamonds) while the people lived in poverty?  Why did the Clinton Foundation receive such large donations after each visit?  And yet, the people are still struggling with AIDS and various other diseases and problems.  Do you see the pattern?  Make it look good in the public and behind closed doors-well who knows!

How can the Clintons declare they were “dead broke” when they left the White House and yet increased their income to over $100 million during the time she was Senator and Secretary of State?  Why does Bernie Sanders keep asking for her to turn over her speeches?  What is she hiding?  Much like her email scandal…why would anyone set up a personal server to conduct your business from when you are not self-employed?  What was she hiding?  Why are there SO many scandals tied to the Clintons?

When she became Senator and later Secretary of State, why did she hire people who were not qualified for the job titles they held?  This is part of the Clinton Machine that protects the Clinton Foundation…the money making tool for the Clintons.

I also believe our so-called Media has perpetrated a crime on our freedoms by misleading the public when it comes to the last couple of election cycles.  They wanted us to believe that there was (and continues to be) a distrust between Obama and Clinton starting with the 2008 campaigns.  May I suggest that perhaps there was an understanding between the Clintons and the Obamas…allow me to do what I can to disrupt the youth.  Allow me to “fundamentally change” the way we do things in this country.  Allow me to redefine what family is and how they can live.  Allow me to convince the people of this country that they really don’t know what is best for them.  And while I am doing all of that, you Hillary, and your husband make the deals you want with your foundation.  Of course we will deny any association.

Even the current polls declare most of Americans don’t think she is trustworthy.  So why or how did she become the presumptive nominee? I believe she has already prepared the way for the next war by approving foreign governments owning assets in the US (Uranium in particular). Yes, she did that.  I believe our country has already been sold out to other countries that do not agree with our way of life and would like to destroy our freedoms.  The Iranian deal comes to mind…how bad was that.   Iranian leaders say they have 10,000 missiles aimed at Israel from Lebanon and is encouraging others to join the Iranians who are anti-American and anti-Israel.  How has giving Iran $150 billion and Uranium rights for weapons good for any of us?

It no longer matters which party you align with because they are both corrupt and seem determined to NOT let the will of the people prevail.  They clearly have something going on and don’t want us commoners messing things up for them.  It is clearly time to clean out the House…but with Hillary?