Dear Patriot,

American Conventions and Hunt For Liberty are leaving Facebook. We haven’t been attacked or punished like some other folks, but we’ve recognized the inequity of controlled speech and the progressive ideology that they have had to suffer through. Facebook has recently offered ‘protection’ from ‘extremist’ folks who read and comment, like Hunt For Liberty, as an existential threat to mankind. So, to avoid further interference by Facebook, we’ll take our business elsewhere.

Therefore, on July 15, 2021, we will no longer post Hunt For Liberty on our American Conventions or personal Facebook pages.

If you like our informative articles, exposing government abuse of our Nations Blueprint and the continuing loss of our liberties (religious, speech, education, self-defense, republicanism, federalism, etc) join us by clicking on HuntForLiberty and sign up for free on the Subscription button to receive our daily informative essays five day’s week.

Even though it may seem like America is losing the battle, we are not. We see an exciting time ahead with a lot of good and positive changes coming America’s way. And Hunt For Liberty will be following them. Constitutional updates and education; Article V News; features regarding federalism, states, education, religion, and local news.  

You will also find American Conventions now on and We will be posting periodically to other sites such as,,, and Parler.   

Regardless, with all you do, please stay in the fight to return this Nation to God and to the consent of the governed, we the people. More than ever, we need in the fight now.

Thank you and Godspeed,

Mike Kapic,

HFL Editor, July 7, 2021

Hunt For Liberty