Video Suggests Maricopa County Election Officials Reprogrammed Voting Machines

“This evidence would support our allegation that this election was rigged,” said Kari Lake’s attorney Kurt Olsen.

By Sarah Wagner – May 30, 2023


  • A new video apparently reveals that Maricopa County election machines were tampered with and reprogrammed leading up to the 2022 election.
  • Election officials took part in undisclosed “Logic and Accuracy” testing on October 14th, after the mandatory October 11th test, but the required public notice of the testing did not occur.
  • The findings support Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett’s statement, “Beginning on October 14th and occurring through October 18th, Maricopa County installed the new memory cards that had the certified Election Program.
  • Due to the reformatting, logs from the memory cards would have a start date of either October 14, 17, or 18.”
  • Kari Lake War Room also tweeted a description of the illegal activity: “Maricopa submitted a declaration by Elections Director Jarrett revealing that AFTER the October 11th certification for logic & accuracy, they realized that they didn’t configure the vote center tabulators to not accept provisional or early ballots,” the tweet read.
  • “So they went in, rewrote the memory cards, installed what they said was previously approved election definition software. This totally reconfigured these machines,” the tweet continued.

They’ve been CAUGHT video.

This is the story of sabotage—video.


  • Maricopa County election workers are seen in the video tampering with the equipment, taking out the memory cards, and replacing them with reprogrammed cards.
  • The machines appear to be malfunctioning in an October 14th video.
  • Maricopa County claims the reprogramming was not done in secret, although there is no record of public warning beforehand.
  • Due to the lack of documentation and other failed procedures, the reprogramming violated the Elections Procedures Manual.

Maricopa County CAUGH Breaking into Machines and Reprogramming to Fail on Election Day


  • Kari Lake recently announced the launch of “the largest, most extensive ballot chasing operation in our state’s history, and frankly, possibly in American history.”
  • The Arizona Republican’s intention is to mobilize “moms and dads and citizens” to ensure and advocate for electoral transparency.
  • “We’re going to make sure that we employ every single person in it, volunteers, mothers, fathers, individuals, students, even the kids,” Lake said of the movement.

Kari Lake Announces Largest ‘Ballot Chasing Operation’ in State History (Watch)

In a Tuesday press conference, Kari Lake made a series of impassioned statements while announcing the launch of what she characterized as “the largest, most extensive ballot chasing operation in our state’s history, and frankly, possibly in American history.”

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