State Legislature’s Article V Caucus Newsletter

by Stuart MacPhail  February, 2019

Need Seen for Congressional Term Limits –
This past month a web site called 71 carried a piece entitled Congressional Term Limits Are a Necessity.  The article builds on the statement that “With 14% congressional approval ratings but reelection rates often over 90%, it is clear that term limits are essential in America.”

There are dozens of US senators and representatives who have served at least 20 years in Congress, some since the 1970s.  The article suggests that “In a democratic republic like the US, the only way for the government to be for the people is for it to be of the people.”

Before applauding the US Term Limits efforts, the writer notes that “An incumbent is far more likely to be elected than a challenger. This prevents new members and ideas from entering the political realm at the federal level.  It only serves to disadvantage the country.  A fresh group every few years with new takes and policies would be more beneficial;….”  Read the story HERE.

A similar story on the web site for WTSP-TV in Tampa, Florida pointed out that “During the 115th Congress, there were at least nine proposals from federal lawmakers to enact congressional term limits.  None of them moved any farther than being introduced in either the House or the Senate.”  Read that story HERE.