Congressional Candidates and Fake Views

(yes, I know it rhymes with fake news and that is my point).

By Michael Farris August 29

A fringe congressional candidate in Massachusetts has added a plank to her platform. If elected, she will file an impeachment resolution against Clarence Thomas.

If I was a committed socialist and hated Justice Thomas—and I am 180 degrees, the opposite on both items—I would view her “plank” as evidence that she was not a serious or worthwhile candidate.

There is a simple reason for this. One member of Congress cannot even get a hearing on a measure that is that far out of the mainstream.

Wild promises on the right are the same. “I am going to get rid of the Federal Reserve and go back to the Gold Standard.) Ok, those are ideas that actually interest me. But if a member of Congress said he would do those if elected, I wouldn’t waste my vote on him in a primary. He can’t do that. Can’t get a hearing.

Here’s what you should look for in any office except President and Governor where detailed platforms make much more sense. You should look for a philosophy of government. That will come into play in thousands of ways. Knowing their philosophy is far more important than specific unilateral promises.


Bad promises.

I will repeal the income tax.

I will make the rich pay for free college for everyone.

Good promises revealing philosophy.

I will vote against tax increases.

I will vote for tax increases.

The most important question you can ask any politician is this:

What’s the purpose of government? If they say anything that sounds like “supplying the needs of the people” then that person is a socialist and will consistently diminish freedom.

If the person says “the purpose of government is to protect our God-given freedoms” then that person believes in limited and constitutional government.

If you love socialism and are willing to sacrifice freedom for it, then vote for the person with the socialist philosophy.

If you love freedom vote for the candidate talking appropriately.

Both sides should ignore wild claims and strange planks.

Both sides can have candidates who are simply not fit for Office. Rejecting those making wild promises is a good starting point.

And, yes. Clarence Thomas is a great Justice and his seat is very safe.