Immorality of Central Planning

March 15, 2023|Government|

  By John Pepin – February 22, 2023 It seems to me, regardless if central planning actually yielded a benefit to society, the economy or humanity, which it demonstrably has not, does not and will not… it would [...]

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The Green Socialist of Mars

March 14, 2023|Environment|

By Daniel Greenfield - March 04, 2023 We live in a strange world in which the weather is a subject of furious political debate. People have been arguing about the weather ever since the first rainstorm caught the first man without [...]

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A State’s Call To Action!

March 9, 2023|Government|

An Urgent Immediate Call For County Ordinances & State Laws by Paul S. Gardiner – March 6, 2023 There is an urgent immediate need for specially crafted county ordinances and state laws to protect American citizens from the [...]

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FBI Targets Catholics

March 8, 2023|Government|

The Daily Signal Demands Documents on FBI Targeting ‘Radical Traditional Catholics’ By Tyler O'Neil - February 19, 2023 Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes The Daily Signal filed a Freedom of Information Act request this week demanding that the FBI turn over [...]

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U.S. Turns Woke Inc.

March 7, 2023|Government|

Joe Biden Turns the American Government Into Wokeness, Inc. By Ben Shapiro -  February 23, 2023 Last week, as Presidents Day weekend loomed, the Biden administration dropped a little-noticed executive order. That executive order happened to be one of [...]

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$36B Given To Union

March 2, 2023|Government|

IMAGE CREDITFLICKR/CURSEDTHING/CROPPED/CC BY-ND 2.0 Biden Shoveled $36 Billion In Taxpayer Funds To Bail Out Teamsters For Mismanaged Pensions ‘The largest private pension bailout in American history’ gave each beneficiary of the Central States Pension Fund nearly [...]

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