Led by Corrupt Elites

September 13, 2022|Government|

Our corrupt elites reveal that what Jefferson feared has come to pass By Charles Ortel - September 6, 2022 If ever there was a time when constructive criticism was urgently required, it is now, in the summer of America's [...]

A Balanced Budget Attempt

September 12, 2022|Debt|

30 Years Ago President Bush: "The American People are Fed Up...Government is too Big and Spends too Much...Encourage your Congressman to...Pass a BBA Address to the Nation on the Balanced Budget Amendment By George HW Bush - June [...]

The IRS on Steroids

September 5, 2022|Government|

WSJ – August 20, 2022 This Is Your IRS at Work Official audits show a record of incompetence. Democrats are still giving the tax agency an $80 billion raise. By The Editorial Board | 808 words The new [...]

Fed Spending vs. Revenue

September 1, 2022|Government|

Comparing US Federal Spending With Revenue By Tyler Durden – August 24, 2022 In 2021, the U.S. government spent $6.8 trillion on various expenditures and government-aided programs. Where was this money spent, and how much was covered by taxpayers’ dollars? [...]

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Government Errors, Again

August 29, 2022|Government|

Census Bureau Admits Overcounting 7 Blue States, Just 1 Red State The Census Bureau has not explained how it got the 2020 census so wrong. By Hans von Spakovsky - August 18, 2022 In a shocking report, the U.S. Census Bureau recently [...]

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96% of Temp Data Bad

August 16, 2022|Environment|

Climate Change – 96% Of US Temperature Data Corrupted? Humans have caused warming, but mostly just locally. By: Caroline Adana - August 04, 2022 A new scientific report documents that almost all US temperature measurement stations are in compromised [...]

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