By: E.P. Unum – May 27, 2021

From Coast to Coast, North and South, in all of our major cities and towns, all we seem to read and hear about is hatred for Jews. We see indiscriminate violence towards Jews and unbridled hatred for them. Why? 

Well, one of the more recent reasons is because Israel had the audacity to respond militarily towards Hamas in Gaza for their launching some 4,000 rockets directed to cities and towns in Israel. Israel decided to defend itself as any nation would do. But “the Squad”, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, buttressed by Senator Bernie Sanders, a Jew, and others immediately denounced Israel’s response as “unnecessary and bullying”.

I am a practicing Roman Catholic of Italian descent. But I find it a stain on American honor to see Americans demonstrating such anti-Semitism today. It is disgraceful behavior and un-American to boot. Watching mobs of people beat Jewish citizens in our streets should anger Americans. It angers me.

I have traveled extensively in Israel and I can tell you unequivocally that this small nation, about the size of New Jersey, is a diamond in the rough. I have walked through Jerusalem, visited Masada, Galilee, Golgotha, Tel Aviv, and the marvel of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and stayed on a kibbutz. I can tell you Israelis are among the most industrious and innovative people on earth. They have turned a desert into a source of farming and crop production. They are leaders in science, engineering, mathematics, the arts, and entertainment and have earned a remarkable number of Nobel Prizes in every major field. 

So why is it that people would look to attack Jews who have given so much to the world? Shouldn’t we be telling Americans about some of the things Israel has done to benefit mankind rather than showering people and nations who threaten its very survival?

Consider the following:

 ●       Israel is renowned for its achievements in the field of security, IT, smart mobility, and start-ups, which earned the country the nickname of Silicon Wadi, the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. Lately, the country has also gained great recognition for its contributions to the world of biotechnology.

●       Israeli biotech initially started in 1901 with the creation of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries – a very small structure at the time – which became one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

●       There is a consensus that the main source of innovation originates in the medical centers and the seven universities of the country. These scientific hubs opened the way for medical innovation and led to the creation of over 1400 Israeli companies in the life science sector today.

●       One of the most recent Israeli breakthroughs is the first fully personalized tissue implant, using a patient’s own stomach cells, which significantly reduces the risk of an adverse immune response. This new technology makes it possible to engineer any kind of tissue implant, whether it is for the spinal cord, the heart, or brain, from one small tissue biopsy. This discovery was led by researcher Prof. Tal Dvir from Tel Aviv University’s Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and Sagol Center for Regenerative Biotechnology.  The positive implications for people with disabilities and motor functions are enormous.

●       In Israel, 3D is not only for movies, it also applies to med- tech. The Israeli company CollPlant in cooperation with major American biotech firms is making printed human organs and 3D bio-printed lungs will soon be available for global transplants. And the biggest surprise, the main ingredient for the 3D “Ink” is made from Tobacco.

●       Another Israeli startup iNNOGING enables physicians to capture ultrasound videos and perform a virtual dynamic exam, without the patient being present. The iNNOGING software and hardware were invented in the Kinematics and Computational Geometry Lab at Israel’s Ariel University.

●        Israeli researchers discovered that positive emotions can shrink cancer tumors. After artificially activating the reward system in the brains of mice with two types of cancer, researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology found that the size of their tumors dramatically decreased.

●       Israeli technology pioneered the development of drone-based emergency intervention for patients impacted by stroke or heart attack. The drone is dispatched from a hospital with radio and visual contact by an emergency physician able to diagnose and treat such conditions remotely on-site. Using the drone speeds up the time-to-patient avoiding traffic delays so critical in saving lives.

●       The real beneficiaries from all of this research and innovation will be the millions of people whose lives will be changed by Israel’s life science revolution that enables the development of next-generation treatments.

In addition to the above discoveries and innovations, below are just a few drugs pioneered by Israeli medical scientists which have been shared with the world for the benefit of humankind:

●        Development of Azilect, a drug for Parkinson’s disease, by Moussa Youdim and John Feinberg from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and commercialized by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

●        Development of the Copaxone immunomodulator drug for treating multiple sclerosis. It was developed in the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel by Michael SelaRuth Arnon, and Deborah Teitelbaum.

●        Development of the Interferon proteins by Michel Revel from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

●        Development of Taliglucerase alfa (Elelyso), a recombinant  glucocerebrosidase enzyme produced from transgenic carrot cell cultures. Taliglucerase alfa won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2012 as an orphan drug for the treatment of Type 1 Gaucher’s disease.

Beyond this,  I would venture a guess that the names Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk, Robert Mendelson, Yitzhak Perlman, all Jews, might be readily recognizable by their noteworthy contributions to mankind in science, mathematics, entertainment, and medicine.

These are just a few…a handful actually… of the contributions Israel has made to the world. 

Is there a comparable list of contributions from Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Yeman? If so, what are they? Who are they? How about contributions from China and Russia? Can you name any?

Yet, all we see is hatred of Jews on a scale we have not seen for many years and this hatred is based on what? Is it because Israel, a nation the size of New Jersey, surrounded by people who hate and despise them, responded to unprovoked rocket attacks on its citizens, launched from Gaza? If you lived in Delaware and someone from Maryland launched rockets and missiles into your state destroying homes and businesses, how would you feel?

The next time you see anti-Semitism raise its ugly head again, as it surely will as long as we continue to elect hypocrites, morons, and stupid, ignorant people as our representatives in Washington, remember what is written on these pages. Maybe it is time to insist that our newspapers and TV talking heads focus attention on the good that the nation of Israel has contributed to the world, and match that against the terror, killing, and hatred of people who lack the education to understand and appreciate it.

And, here in our streets, maybe it is time to take the kid gloves off and have police use their nightsticks and tasers to bring these criminals to their knees because that is the only thing these ignorant troublemakers understand. They are baseless cowards who prey on people who cannot defend themselves.

I am fed up with it. Get on a megaphone and tell AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Talib to shut the hell up. If they do not like it here, they don’t have anchors on their asses. Just leave and take their hatred someplace else.