National Popular Vote Not Likely to Use Article V – 

by Stuart MacPhail April 2019

A big topic these days are the efforts to bring about a national popular vote (NPV) for president, and do away with the electoral college.  Colorado is one of the states where the legislature has agreed to the NPV multi-state “compact”

Jon Caldara, president of Colorado’s Independence Institute is supporting a citizen-initiated referendum petition drive to overturn his legislature’s action.  He says “If the nation should have the popular vote, then amend the U.S. Constitution.  If Congress won’t propose the amendment, the states can propose it via Article V of the Constitution.”

He goes on to say proponents of the so-called “national popular vote” “won’t go that route because they know those pesky fly-over states would never ratify it.  So, instead, the states controlled by their progressive urban centers, like Colorado now, can force it with an interstate compact.  It’s likely unconstitutional, but you never know until you try.”
Read Caldara’s position HERE.

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