The Divided States of America
Gary Bauers’ Feb 8, 2019 End of the Day Report

Former Georgia State Representative Stacy Abrams had an article published recently in the prestigious journal Foreign Affairs.  She lost her race for governor by more than 50,000 votes and acted like she was cheated.

I’m still scratching my head over how Abrams, a political loser, is seen as such a rising star that she was selected for the honor of delivering the State of the Union response.  But the topic of her Foreign Affairs column, entitled “Identity Politics Strengthens Democracy,” is even more bizarre.

As the title implies, it’s identity politics on steroids.  It’s a total rejection of E Pluribus Unum — from many one.  Rather than uniting us, the left seeks to highlight differences and exploit divisions.

In her column, Abrams calls for all the disposed and “marginalized” groups of society — minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ, and Native Americans — to unite and “revolt” politically against, well Abrams doesn’t exactly say against who or what.  But it is obvious by who was excluded from her list.

Abrams insists that “By embracing identity . . . Americans will become more likely to grow as one.”  As Tucker Carlson put it:  “Ponder that for a second, the less we have in common, the more united we will be. Is that true?”

I don’t think so.  And I also think that Martin Luther King would be weeping if he were alive today.  Dr. King wanted black Americans to be treated as equals so that race-based analyses and identity politics would end, so that we would see past race and see only individuals.  Today’s left is rejecting Dr. King’s legacy.

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