Americans know the feds should stay out of healthcare. Here’s proof.

Private entities are better than the federal government at providing cheaper, higher quality goods and services. That’s a fact, and it applies to healthcare just as much as food and clothing.

Unfortunately, the feds have yet to grasp this simple concept. If it were up to them, Washington, D.C., would provide every good and service because federal officials know what their subjects reallyneed.

But the American people aren’t so easily fooled. A new poll from the American Action Forum found that the majority of likely voters don’t believe the feds would do a good job providing healthcare, and that even treatment of the most serious diseases should be left to private entities. Here are a few highlights, courtesy of theWashington Free Beacon:

  • Fifty-seven percent said they had more trust in private care, while only 26 percent of voters said they believed the federal government was better at providing quality health services.
  • Forty-nine percent of respondents said that private insurance companies were better at providing care for those with serious health conditions like cancer and HIV. Only 34 percent of respondents thought the federal government provided better care for serious conditions.
  • Forty-eight percent of respondents believed private insurance companies could provide the most affordable care, while only 39 percent chose the government.
  • A plurality of likely voters, or 21 percent, expressed concern that the government would take over health care if the number of private insurance companies in the Obamacare marketplace continued to decline. Fourteen percent said they were concerned about higher premiums, while another 14 percent said they were concerned with lower quality care.

Americans clearly don’t want the federal government in charge of the healthcare system. And yet, D.C. has disregarded the will of the people, taking control of healthcare along with myriad other facets of American life. If We the People don’t stand up to Washington’s abuses, they will only continue to bring our daily lives under their authority.

An Article V Convention of States was designed to address precisely this problem. A Convention of States is called and controlled by the states and the people. It has the power to propose constitutional amendments that limit the jurisdiction of the federal government, relegating their power to only a small number of matters.

The movement is underway all across the country. Click here for more information or click the blue button below to get involved.