Cardiac Deaths Rise After Vaxx

More Than 270 Sudden Cardiac Deaths in US Athletes After Vaccination: Peer-Reviewed Study Two hundred seventy-nine athletes and former athletes [...]

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Stop Covid Vaccines

World Council For Health press conference on 9/27 from the UK by S Mittelstaedt - September 26, 2022 Speaking from London on [...]

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Mouthwash Prevents Covid-19

Hospital Study Shows This Can Prevent COVID-19 Infection The dramatic results from this hospital study showed a simple, at-home strategy [...]

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CDC Admits Errors

The CDC (Finally) Admitted the Science on Natural Immunity. Why Did It Take so Long? The CDC is late to [...]

By |2022-08-26T14:53:39-07:00August 30, 2022|Health|Comments Off on CDC Admits Errors
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