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July 16, 2021

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July 6, 2021

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Confused About Congress?

Confused Who Has the Majority in Congress? You’re Not Alone. Rachel Bovard / @Rachel_Bovard / July 05, 2016 A 10-year veteran of congressional policy battles, Rachel Bovard is The Heritage Foundation’s director of policy services. In 2014, Republicans won a majority in Senate. However, if you’ve been watching the Senate lately, you’d be forgiven for wondering who is…

Why Do We Need A Convention of States?

Citizens concerned for the future of their country, under a federal government that’s increasingly bloated, corrupt, reckless and invasive, have a constitutional option. We can call a Convention of States to return the country to its original vision of a limited federal government that is of, by and for the people.

No Climate Change?

The Left is having a difficult time trying to convince us that climate change is really caused by humans.  They’re so frustrated by our inability to see things their way that they’ve resorted to prosecuting those who disagree with their theory. A US Attorney General in the Virgin Island has attacked a think-tank for making…

Capitalism v. Socialism

The following was a response to letter to the editor in the local newspaper. The original piece proclaimed that capitalism arrived in 1492 and that socialism makes for a better community of sharing. Since we have roads and schools, we have socialism and democratic socialism is much better than evil capitalism. Sharing to a Leftist…

With a Pen and a Phone: Harry and Nancy

Harry stepped out from the bakery at the end of his street and started home. At the same time, Nancy came out of the beauty parlor next door and after greeting each other, they walked quietly in the evening dusk, a light snow falling. Harry looked at the sign above the beauty shop and then…

The Business of Running a Business

So why do we even need religious liberty laws to protect business from groups such as gays in the first place? Is it because several small businesses around the country have suffered due to refusing service to gays? Arizona’s bill had nothing to do with social or sexual preference. It had everything to do with…

Government and Business Working Together Hurt Americans

Crony capitalism is one of Americas big problems. The Framers of the Constitution did not intend for big business corporations and unions to be governed by the federal government in exchange for protection. Businesses and unions should be allowed to function in the free market and not have the butchers heavy thumb on the scales…

Switzerland’s Improbable Success and the Important Role of Federalism

by Dan Mitchell Programs about the improbable success of Chile and Estonia already have aired on nationwide TV, and those were joined last weekend by a show about the “sensible nation” of Switzerland. Here’s the 28-minute program. When I first watched the program, I was slightly irked that there was very little discussion of the…

There Are Conservative Professors. Just Not in These States.

WHEN I began teaching at Sarah Lawrence College in 2010, my colleagues would joke that I was a “targeted hire” because I didn’t express uniformly left-wing political views. In most places I’d be considered a moderate, but in the campus context I might as well have been Ted Cruz. […] Click here to view original…

The World’s Changing

The Earth is Shaking as People are Changing the Landscape by Mike Kapic What was that? Rumbling? Can you feel it? The ground shaking slightly with a subtle rumble in the distance? Feel it? Like an earthquake or volcano clearing its throat. Are we sensing vibrations and sounds of people making life changing adjustments around…


Daniel Horowitz urges Congress to strip courts of jurisdiction 6/25/16 Daniel Horowitz, a senior editor at Conservative Review and policy analyst specializing in immigration, blasted conservative triumphalism after the Supreme Court refused to rescue President Barack Obama’s unilateral mass amnesty program. Indeed, Horowitz warned conservatives not to underestimate how closely they came to absolute disaster. “We are…

Does Religion Matter In Politics?

Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images Shortly after Tim Kaine had been elected Governor of Virginia in 2006, a discussion ensued among Democratic party leaders about the lessons that could learned from Kaine’s victory. Some observations were interesting, others were not. One was particularly off the mark. Because Kaine […] Click here to view original…

Trump is Not a Conservative, He’s a Pragmatist

Trump Is Not Conservative, He’s A Pragmatist Jan 19, 2016 By Mychal Massie As I have been saying for over six months –he is transpolitical –he uses politics to solve problems not to get himself reelected–a PRAGMATIC POPULIST –I think he may well turn out to be one of our great presidents –the bar has…

Trump’s Play to Win Evangelical Voters

Protesters outside of a meeting with conservative Christian leaders in New York City. No matter how much American politics have changed during this election cycle, one eternal truth remains: Republicans need evangelical voters. Even Donald Trump, the man of botched Bible verses and many wives , is making moves […] Click here to view original…

Gary Byrne’s Crisis Of Character: The Latest Anti-Clinton Conspiracy Book In Donald Trump’s Library

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his conservative media allies have been aggressively promoting Crisis of Character , an upcoming book by former Secret Service officer Gary J. Byrne that purports to reveal the inside story of serving under President Clinton and then-first lady Hillary Clinton. But rather […] Click here to view original…

The Toilet

By Mike Kapic 6/14/16 This business with bath room equal rights has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. But even more astonishing are the ‘intelligent’ folks standing up and defending it. This is completely immoral and disingenuous to all respectable women: wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters. It is a war on women by…