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NYC Blessing 2020

August 7, 2020

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Convention of States Movement Gathers Steam, Despite RNC Setback

Under Article V of the Constitution, a constitutional amendment may be proposed by a two-thirds vote in both chambers of Congress or by a special convention called by Congress on the application of two-thirds of the state legislatures. Thus, Congress controls one path for proposing amendments, while state legislatures […] Click here to view original…

Why is Left Economically Naive

The Economically Illiterate Fear Successful Companies, Pine for Failures Donald J. Boudreaux, May 31, 2016 My 19-year-old son, Thomas — of whom I’m as proud as any parent can possibly be of a child — is a budding astrophysicist. His professional interests reside purely in the hard sciences and in mathematics. Yet his understanding of…

The American Election 2016 — Part 2

Leesa Williams 7/18/160 So, allow me to continue a thought process as to why this country seems to be so up in arms about our two presumptive candidates.  As I started with the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, in Part 1 of my ramblings, let’s now take a look at the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald…

America’s Race Issues are Obama’s Fault

Why don’t Democrats respect blacks? By Mike Kapic   7/16/16 I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, as I have, why are we seeing so many racial issues today? Eight, ten, years ago our country was relatively calm with most people getting along. Today race issues, real or perceived, are playing out in recurring headlines. Oh sure,…

American Lives Matter

Terror in Nice Gary L. Bauer France has once again been struck by radical Islamic supremacists. A jihadist drove a semi through a crowd in Nice, in southern France, during Bastille Day fireworks celebrations. At least 84 people were killed, including 10 children. More than 50 children were hurt and are being treated in hospitals….

Louisiana Lawmakers Call for National Amendment Convention

Louisiana lawmakers approved a resolution calling for a national convention to draft and enact a balanced budget amendment and other restraints on the federal government. Senate Concurrent Resolution 52, filed with the Louisiana secretary of state in June, calls on the U.S. Congress to convene a convention to draft […] Click here to view original…

Is Hillary right for us? Part I

Leesa Williams Why is this election cycle so incredibly volatile?   I would like to use this opportunity to examine the top two presumptive candidates in the Presidential campaign.  Why do we say we now have to choose the lesser of two evils?  That if one of the two presumptive candidates is elected, it will be…

Obama AWOL on Defense Intelligence

BOMBSHELL: Obama Didn’t Meet With His Defense Intelligence Chief ONE. SINGLE. TIME. By Constitution.com July 13, 2016 President Barack Obama twice appointed former Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn to key national security jobs in his administration, including as deputy director of national intelligence and later as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, yet he never once…

The non-science of the Left

The Left’s Climate Change Hysteria Nicolas Loris / @NiconomistLoris / July 12, 2016 In the latest bout of political theater, 19 congressional Democrats took the stage of the Senate floor Tuesday to attack free-market organizations for allegedly spinning a “web of denial” on global warming. Casting the right to free speech aside, the senators are…

Is “Brexit” coming to America soon?

Could “Brexit” happen here? Mark Levin thinks it could Posted by Convention of States Project on July 11, 2016 The United Kingdom took a stand for freedom and sovereignty last month by voting to leave the European Union. Now some American leaders are wondering if it isn’t time for the United States to make a…

Environmentalism is the true enemy

The Link between Extreme Environmentalism and Hard-Core Racism Jeffrey A. Tucker Wednesday, July 06, 2016 In my reading and writing on the history of eugenics (here, here, and here), I’ve begun to discern a common trait between the people called environmentalists and racists from a century ago. They share a common outlook that is illiberal…

Federal Corruption

The Walking Fed? 1,898 dead Ohioans received food stamps in 2015 Posted by Convention of States Project on July 08, 2016 In the latest example of federal waste and incompetence… Nearly 2000 beneficiaries of the food stamp program continued to receive benefits after their deaths in Ohio, according to an audit from the state’s auditor. The audit…

Feds are winners, citizens are losers

The feds exempt themselves from yet another law Posted by Convention of States Project on July 06, 2016 Who says Hillary Clinton gets to have all the fun? The Federal Communications Commission just ruled that the federal government is exempt from a law that applies to businesses and individuals across the country. The Hill reports:…

Public Schools? To Kansas Conservatives, They’re ‘Government Schools’

LEAWOOD, Kansas — Erica Massman, a moderate Kansas Republican, refers to the building where her daughter attends fourth grade as a public school. Ms. Massman’s mother, whose politics tilt further to the right, calls it something else: a government school. “My mother, who is a Tea Party person, started […] Click here to view original…

African-American professor slams BLM

Black Lives Matter sign WASHINGTON (CNN) —Carol Swain, a conservative African-American professor, slammed the Black Lives Matter movement Saturday, calling it a “very destructive force” in America. CNN’s Michael Smerconish asked Swain, along with civil rights attorney Areva Martin, to comment on the conservative website Drudge Report’s decision to […] Click here to view original…

The Left wrong about mass shooting

J Fiedler: Much of the news media reported that Orlando was the worst/largest mass murder in US History. More left wing propaganda so that they and the rest of the left can go after our 2nd Amendment rights. Below is a summary of the largest mass murder in US History and is a prime example…