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1.8 Million Jobs Lost to $12 Minimum Wage

New Research Estimates 1.8 Million Jobs Erased by $12 Federal Minimum Wage October 18, 2016 Economic output would shrink by $2 trillion according to NFIB study Washington, DC (October 18, 2016) – Raising the federal minimum wage to $12 per hour could reduce private sector employment by 1.8 million jobs over 10 years and cut economic…

Baby Killer’s 100th Birthday

Margaret Sanger Would Be Proud of What Planned Parenthood Has Become Genevieve Wood  October 13, 2016 Planned Parenthood was founded on Oct. 16, 1916, by population control advocate Margaret Sanger. Genevieve Wood advances policy priorities of The Heritage Foundation as senior contributor to The Planned Parenthood is about to celebrate its 100th birthday. It’s an…

Clinton Email Scandal

Fmr US Attorney Joe DiGenova says James Comey is a ‘Dirty Cop’ BY DAVID LEEPER OCTOBER 13, 2016 Pulling no punches, former US Attorney for the District of Columbia Joseph DiGenova calls FBI Director James Comey a ‘dirty cop’ for his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. In this audio excerpt, Laura Ingraham interviews DiGenova, who makes his…

The Lefts Twisted Game

From: Gary L. Bauer, October 14, 2016 [Special Notice: You are receiving this “End of Day” report from my political action committee, Campaign for Working Families (CWF).  The Politics Of Destruction Yesterday I referred to the “Anita Hills” coming out and making accusations against Donald Trump. Some readers replied that while they knew who she…

Who is Donald Trump?

If the Establishment Wins, America Loses by Don Fredrick, Dec. 11, 2015 The better question may be, “What is Donald Trump?” The answer: A giant middle finger from average Americans to the political and media establishment. Some Trump supporters are like the 60s white girls who dated black guys just to annoy their parents. But…

A Woman President–Just the Right One

20 Of The Best Quotes From Women On The Right John Hawkins, writing on Oct 15, 2016 in Townhall, listed twenty quotes from conservative ladies he admires. Otherwise, why would he put them out there. I think we would agree that the list is sorely short as there are quite a few more equally qualified…

Recycle, Go To Jail

Improper Recycling Could Land You in Jail: How Overcriminalization Threatens Everyone Jacob Weaver    / John-Michael Seibler October 11, 2016 In some states, trading in out-of-state recyclable containers is a felony. (Photo: Philip Toscano/Zuma Press /Newscom) Criminal laws and regulations in the United States have increased to absurd proportions in the past few decades, posing a…

Dems Admit Voter Fraud

Democrat Leader CAUGHT Explaining How Democrats Use Voter Fraud in New York City! By Onan Coca  October 12, 2016 The Manhattan Democrat representative to New York City’s Board of Elections was just caught confirming and explaining how Democrats use voter fraud to push their own agenda. In an undercover video from Project Veritas, a New York based…

How the Free Market Helps Combat Racial Discrimination

by Walter E. Williams / October 06, 2016 Under apartheid in South Africa, intermarriage between blacks, coloreds, and Indians on the one hand and whites was prohibited. I was invited, along with several other American professors, to deliver lectures at South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 1979. Pieter Willem Botha was the prime minister,…

Native Americans Loved Private Property

by Terry L. Anderson, October 10, 2016 Over the past several decades, the environmental movement has promoted a view of American Indians as the “original conservationists.” References to this image abound: “The Indians were, in truth, the pioneer ecologists of this country,” former Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall once said. “For many thousands of years, most…

DC: Americans Are “Stupid”

PROOF: D.C. thinks Americans are “stupid and should do what they are told” Posted by Convention of States Project on October 07, 2016 You know that sense of superiority you feel from your “leaders” in D.C? It’s real. Now we have proof. The ruling “elite” in Washington “have no idea what Americans think and they…

A Republic, If We Can Keep It?

America has been sliding left for a little over a hundred years now and in such a quiet, subtle manner that we hardly noticed how much. Oh, we knew it was happening, but only enough to cause an occasional outburst of frustration and hope that if we voted correctly, it would get fixed. The 2007-08…

COS Simulated Convention Draws 137 Commissioners

Some of the comments heard after the first-ever simulated convention of states: “A Complete Success.”  “Amazing Experience.”  “It will be remembered as a turning point in history.”  “The verdict is in: the process works.”  “First Class.” Reportedly 137 delegates (or “commissioners”) from all 50 states participated in the September 21 through 23 simulation of an…

Hillary’s Talk of ‘Implicit Bias’ Should Scare Every American

This is a road we don’t want to travel. By DAVID FRENCH September 28, 2016 You’re guilty and you don’t know it. Sure, you think you’re a decent person who treats people fairly, judging them on the content of their character and not the color of the skin. But let’s face it: You’re deluded. Especially…

8000 Terrorists Acts in US Last Year

Obama wants 110,000 more Syrians in US before he leaves office by Gary Bauer  Sept 26, 2016 Friday night, Arcan Cetin walked into the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington. He walked up to the makeup counter at Macy’s and opened fire, killing four women. A man who attempted to help his wife when she tripped…

NFL Ratings Slide

NFL’s TV Ratings Continue Slide Amidst National Anthem Protests Mike Ozanian ,   FORBES STAFF  It is starting to look like disrespecting the country during the national anthem WLP +%is accomplishing what the concussions,domestic violence and deflategate could not do–drive down television ratings for the National Football League. Through two weeks of football the NFL’s television ratings are down across the board.…


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