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Fear the Progressive Left Democrats

The Fascist Democrats & the Fake Insurrection Why Americans should be afraid. Very afraid. By David Horowitz – February 24, 2021 In less than a month in office, the Biden administration has clearly defined itself and its party as a fascist vanguard, driven by a racist agenda, and unconstrained by constitutional principle. It chooses to rule…

SCOTUS Abuse of America

Lies the Supreme Court Told Me By Roger L. Simon – February 22, 2021 In a fashion we must now regard as entirely predictable the Supreme Court of the United States has dismissed (i.e., thrown out) the various state challenges to the 2020 presidential election. Any decisions on these challenges were determined by the majority to be “moot”…

A Good Guy With a Gun

11 Times a Gun Stopped Matters From Getting Worse By Amy Swearer  – February 17, 2021 A woman shot and killed her abusive boyfriend as he forced his way into her home after assaulting her earlier in the week, police said.  We’re in a new year, but gun control advocates are back to their same tactics…

Time to Return to the Sons of Liberty?

The origins of the “Sons of Liberty” By Tara Ross – February 11, 2021 On this day in 1765, the term “Sons of Liberty” is used in a letter written by Jared Ingersoll, Sr. The term would soon be adopted by many American patriots, and these “Sons of Liberty” would fight against British tyranny. Perhaps…

AZ Senator Sells Republic Out

Senator Boyer, all the people of Arizona want is proof that the November national 2020 election contained no ballot fraud. Why didn’t you help us to understand?

HR-1: America’s Death Knell

HR-1 Guts Free Speech, Fair Elections, States’ Rights By Robert B. Charles – February 11, 2021 The first piece of Democrat legislation – H.R. 1 – is ponderous, a stunning attempt to curtail Americans’ 1st Amendment rights, institutionalize potential election fraud, and clip states’ rights. Here is how. Democrats want to redefine free speech and the…

Is This The Moment?

Is This The Moment America’s Founders Feared? There are some things which even a republic as durable as ours cannot withstand. By: Tim Donner – February 12, 2021 Among the many misperceptions of the American Revolution and the resulting constitutional order is the belief that these admittedly monumental achievements created a self-sustaining system of governance. Even…

The Pandemic Spending Hangover

WSJ – February 13, 2021 Federal debt held by the public has reached 100% of GDP even before Biden’s plans become law. By The Editorial Board | 986 words Does unrestrained federal spending have any economic cost? Can federal debt keep climbing to be larger than the entire U.S. economy without consequence? Sooner or later…

America Fighting Back

It’s Time To Build Our Own Economy By Andrew Torba – February 17, 2021 The problem with the American Populist movement is that it was centralized. Centralized movements give the enemy a central attack vector to target and overcome. One man, who took on the weight of the world, became the sole focus of both the…

Election Fraud

Natelson: Election Integrity is the Real Issue By Stuart MacPhail – February 2021 In an extensive five-part opinion piece published by Epoch Times on January 11, 13, 18, 21 and 25, constitutional scholar Rob Natelson challenges readers under the headline Don’t Be Fooled! Don’t Let Them Divert Us From Ensuring Electoral Integrity! Natelson says the furor over…

American Voice

FREE WEBINAR FOR LEGISLATORS & CITIZEN ACTIVISTS By Stuart MacPhail – February 2021 Advancing the American Voice  (4th in a 4-part series) Presented by the State Legislators Article V Caucus & Path to Reform Tuesday, February 23 – 8 PM Eastern Time Register HERE The January webinar featured Prof. Larry Lessig, Senator Jim Rubens, Senator Kevin Lundberg and Senator…

Four Scary Facts

Where We Are By Robert B. Charles – February 10, 2021 The US Constitution protects Americans against government suppression of free speech, especially “matters of public concern.” In a self-governing republic, election integrity, processes, outcomes, and public corruption must be discussed – trust depends on it.  Four scary facts define where America is right now.  Here they…

Justice Alito Not Surprised

Justice Alito Says ‘Not Surprised’ by Reaction to His Comments About Pandemic Restrictions BY JANITA KAN – January 31, 2021 Associate Justice Samuel Alito said on Sunday that he was “not surprised” by the reaction to comments he made last year about state restrictions in response to the CCP virus pandemic. Alito, 70, told a Federalist…

Big Business Folding

WSJ February 6, 2021 Woke Capital’s Political Warning Republican support for big business craters in a new Gallup poll. By The Editorial Board | 269 words Big business has helped Americans weather the pandemic. Retailers stayed open, tech firms made remote work possible, and the pharmaceutical industry is cranking out vaccines. So why did satisfaction…

School Choice Growing

WSJ February 6, 2021 School Choice Momentum in the States Republicans push education bills to give parents options. By The Editorial Board | 438 words The Biden Administration seems committed to indulging teachers unions that oppose charter and private schools. But the more important political action may be outside of Washington, as Republicans in more…

Federalism Awakening

The Principle of Federalism is Getting More Attention By Stuart MacPhail – February 2021 Several writers have dealt with the topic of federalism over the past month. On January 8 former ND state representative Bette Grande (current CEO of the Roughrider Policy Center) wrote in Inform (an affiliate of WDAY – Fargo, ND) expressing amazement that Congress suddenly had so…