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October 16, 2020

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Founders Fears: SCOTUS

Our Founders FEARS of A Supreme Court By Tom Steel – September 24, 2020 The Supreme Court was set up to be a guardian of the Constitution over the executive branch and congress. The tendency of man was to expand whatever power was placed in their hands. The Supreme Court, through judicial review, can review acts of…

America Losing its Grip

Breaking the Grip of Poverty: A View at 50,000 Feet By: Stanley Ralph – September 23, 2020 The relentless din of political advocacy and character assassination is bombarding our senses to a point where my hair hurts. I realize that lively debate on the issues before us as a country is healthy. What is going on now,…

Are Schools Necessary?

In­stead of starting students on the road to education, school tends to rob parents and young people of their sense of responsibility for devel­oping the individual’s powers of self-development. Orval Watts – July 1, 1971 [Ed: this decades old message appears to be still relevant today—have we created a monster?] Abe Lincoln never went to…

Young People’s Growing Debt

New Report Shows How Congress Has Screwed Over Young People The skyrocketing national debt is a moral test—and right now, our leaders are failing. Brad Polumbo – September 22, 2020 We already knew that the budget deficit will hit a record-breaking $3.3 trillion this year as the federal government continues to run up debt in response to…

Governments Job ‘One’ Was To…

Government Agencies Are Holding Back ‘Fast Tests’ that Could Be Saving Lives Fast, convenient, inexpensive, frequent tests could make all the difference. Businesses have developed them, but bureaucrats insist on getting in the way. By James Anthony – September 19, 2020 At first glance, recent headlines on fast tests look like great news: “U.S. Approves…

America Rejects Progressive Racism

America is not the racist nation claimed by Leftist or social justice groups such as BLM, antifa, ACLU, NAACP, and other Progressives. They themselves use the race card for their own political gain for power and money. Dr. Shelby Steele explains the shameful hypocrisy that is destroying America.

Left-Leaning Article V

Left-Leaning Group Proposes Term Limits for SCOTUS by Stuart MacPhail – September, 2020 The August 3 edition of The Epoch Times carried an article by Matthew Vadum entitled Democrat Think Tank Embraces Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices. The referenced think tank is The Center for American Progress (CAP), founded by John Podesta. In releasing the proposal, Maggie Jo Buchanan,…

Finally, Wildfire Sanity?

WSJ September 12, 2020 When houses are burning down, electric cars and solar panels don’t seem much of an answer. By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. | 774 words Wow. Overnight, apparently there’s nobody who does not understand that climate policy is not an answer to California’s wildfire crisis. Even the do-gooder, nonprofit news group ProPublica…

The National Rifle Association’s Telegenic Warrior

A Good Guy With a Gun

These 10 Examples of Defensive Gun Use Underscore Second Amendment’s True Purpose A “legally armed citizen” intervened during an instance of domestic violence in a convenience store parking lot, police said, possibly saving a woman’s life. By Amy Swearer – September 10, 2020 In announcing the launch of “Sportsmen and Sportswomen for Biden,” the former vice…

George Washington & Slavery

George Washington’s changing views on slavery By Tara Ross – Sept 9, 2020 On this day in 1786, George Washington writes a letter on a difficult topic. His views on slavery had been changing for many years. Perhaps unfortunately for him, his new perspective on slavery was making it difficult for him to settle a…

United We Stood

ACT for America. Brigitte Gabriel asks where is our patriotism today? The divisive nature we exhibit today does not reflect our true American heritage. It is time that we unite pull America back together again.

Resolving America’s Debt Problems

ALEC: BBA Could Resolve America’s Debt Problems By Stuart MacPhail – September, 2020 On August 11 the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) published an article by Karla Jones entitled A Balanced Budget Amendment Could Put America on a Sustainable Fiscal Path. The article highlighted one of the workshops held in conjunction with the group’s Annual Meeting, and includes…

Defunding the 1619 Project

Trump Says Schools Teaching NY Times’ 1619 Project ‘Will Not Be Funded’ BY JACK PHILLIPS – September 6, 2020 President Donald Trump on Sunday warned the Department of Education is investigating the use of the New York Times’ “1619 Project” in schools, saying that institutions that use the alternative narrative of U.S. history could lose federal funding. The…

Convening a More Perfect Union

An essay of the history, value, and purpose of State Leaders convening to discuss national issues By Mike Kapic, Neal Schuerer, Marcus Costantino A More Perfect Union In the last decade, American’s approval of Congress has been hovering around 20% and a May 2019 Gallup poll found that 19% of American’s identified that the “most…

Constitution Day Questions

In honor of the 233rd birthday of the Constitutional Convention signing, the following is offered. Too many Americans including our leaders, who take oaths to protect the Constitution, do not know the document. If you ask candidates  any of these questions, hopefully you’ll receive the same relative response. U.S. Constitutional Questions September 17, 2020 Author…

From Problems to Solutions

Stop Admiring the Problem – Think Solutions By Robert B. Charles – September 3, 2020 We live in an age of admiring problems, by which I mean fretting and fixating, letting fear grab and shake us, then collectively getting into the grab, shake, blame, and complain game. To speak bluntly, that is not the American way. As…