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Federalism is the Answer

September 1, 2021

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Campus Abortion

Protecting Life on College Campuses By Travis Weber – July 23, 2021 It is no secret that the abortion industry deliberately targets vulnerable women in order to expand its reach. Its newest project of invading academic institutions, however, reaches the new low of turning “our college dorm rooms … into abortion clinics,” as Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont.,…

The Power of Purpose

WSJ – July 31, 2021 The Power of Purpose-Driven Schools To engage young people, education needs to be about religious or social values that transcend preparing for a job. By Mark Oppenheimer | 1180 words My 8-year-old daughter is happy most everywhere—she is one of the merriest people I know—and she was always happy to…

A Old ‘Political Party’

States, The Natural Second Party by Rodney Dodsworth – May 16, 2016     While political parties ideally represent the common interests of their members, a contradiction has developed within the GOP over the past twenty years. Leadership and rank-and-file members work toward irreconcilable ends: the retention of power, wealth and status at any cost on the one hand, and…

Ken Ivory on Federalism

If there is one way for American citizens to take their country back, it would be as the Founders intended and instituted in the Constitution. They insisted on the people having the ultimate power and next, the states and national government would check each others power. The other three branches followed suit. Just like the…

Charters Take a Beating

WSJ – July 24, 2021 Congress Beats Up Charter Schools A House spending bill cuts funding and adds new political strings. By The Editorial Board | 498 words Democrats in Washington say they want to reduce inequality. So why are they running a guerrilla campaign against charter schools that help so many children escape educational…

Life on the Border

Life on a Border Ranch: Cut Water Lines, Downed Fences, Stolen Property, Dead Bodies Rachel del Guidice – July 19, 2021 A Ranchers Life on the U.S.-Mexico Border video here. BISBEE, Arizona—John Ladd, whose family has ranched at the U.S.-Mexico border for more than 125 years, says illegal immigrants tell him that President Joe Biden invited them…

The Lefts Class Agenda

The future of America is being threatened by education unions, admin’s and school boards. America has always stood on principles related to our Creator, family, and education of the next generation in developing a moral character. This young man recognizes the dangers his elders are pushing down on them and is fighting back. Witness a…

Taking the Racism Test

By: Kathleen Brush, Ph.D. – June 30, 2021 Professor Ibram X Kendi is the unremarkable, unapologetically racist “academic” who has become the go-to guy for guiding woke public sector leaders on how to recognize racism and the throughline between systemic racism yesterday and today. In an environment where Kendi’s woke disciples initiate daily reports of racism everywhere,…

Manufacturing Counterfeit Ballots

Evidence To Soon Be Presented To Citizens Grand Jury Of Interstate Conspiracy To Manufacture/Harvest Counterfeit Ballots For Use In 2020 Election by CD Media Staff – July 21, 2021 Ballot found in dumpster outside of Dekalb County, GA election facilities after Nov 3rd election Please Follow us on Gab, Minds, Telegram, Rumble, Gab TV, GETTR Eye witnesses to ballot manufacturing/harvesting operations in…

COS Opponents

Jaywalking with Convention of States Opponents by Rodney Dodsworth    February 25, 2019     When did a republic extricate itself from imminent tyranny through the election of better or more virtuous people? Perhaps Article V COS opponents will point to the election of President Trump. There’s no doubt that he is a reprieve, but a reprieve is just that,…

What is Freedom?

The Biggest Thing That Separates Authoritarians From Supporters of Freedom Leonard Read reminds us of how large the chasm is between utopian promises authoritarians offer and what they actually have the wisdom to provide. Gary M. Galles –  July 3, 2021 In today’s media, we are constantly being told of “new and improved” impositions that…

America’s Special Purpose?

Does America Have a Special, Divine Purpose? By PAUL GARDINER / AUG. 24, 2015 Author’s Note: Abraham Lincoln once said that his “greatest concern is to be on God’s side for God is always right.” Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson recently said that America needs God’s healing hands now more than ever. I asked myself how do we…

A House Divided

by E. P. Unum – June 21, 2021 (emphasis added) On June 16, 1858, in Springfield Illinois, some 163 years ago, and only 82 years after our Republic came into being, Abraham Lincoln spoke to over 1,000 delegates and eloquently addressed the hotly debated issue of slavery. In that speech, he uttered these famous words: “A house…

People’s Sovereignty: 9th Amendment

Article V – Assert our Sovereignty by Rodney Dodsworth    January 27, 2020     Use it or lose it. Article V opponents believe America is too corrupt to be trusted with a Convention of the States. They believe We The People fulfilled Ben Franklin’s fears and are no longer fit for self-government, which if true, means we don’t have…

China’s Nike Shoes

‘Nike Is a Brand That Is of China and for China,’ Company’s CEO Says Company has recently been under fire over concerns of forced labor in communist China. Today, 41 percent of Nike’s shoes are manufactured in Vietnam, and 32 percent are made in China. BY SAMUEL ALLEGRI – June 27, 2021 Nike’s chief executive said…

Arizona Election Update

Questionable Practices Discovered By Arizona Senate’s Maricopa County Auditors by ADI Staff Reporter – July 15, 2021 Senator Karen Fann and Senator Warren Petersen conducted an informational hearing regarding the Senate’s audit of the Maricopa County 2020 General Election. At today’s informational hearing, auditors working for the Arizona State Senate presented no evidence of widespread fraud…