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July 16, 2021

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July 6, 2021

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Blind Hatred

By: E.P. Unum – May 27, 2021 From Coast to Coast, North and South, in all of our major cities and towns, all we seem to read and hear about is hatred for Jews. We see indiscriminate violence towards Jews and unbridled hatred for them. Why?  Well, one of the more recent reasons is because Israel had…

Article V Update

2021: Mid-Year Article V Status Report By Stu MacPhail – June 2021 Some state legislatures remain in session for 2021.  But most states where proposed Article V applications were on the table have either adjourned sine die, or passed deadlines for fully dealing with those proposed resolutions. In view of that, what is the outlook…

Lockdowns Hide Covid Reality

How Lockdowns Helped Hide The Plain Evidence That COVID-19 Isn’t A Good Excuse For Panic What’s obvious to many Americans about the response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escape the consciousness of the ruling class. By Christopher Lloyd Goffos – MAY 25, 2021 Early in “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” Dr. John Watson returns to the…

Restoring Federalism

Federalism Requires Bipartisan Commitment to Devolve Power By Stuart MacPhail – June 2021 If You Want To Fix the Country, Devolve Power says the headline in May 7 article by J.D. Tuccile on the Reason blog. The writer points out, “It’s a given in American politics that partisans become born-again believers in federalism when their faction is out of power…

Little-Known Education Fraud

The Little-Known Organization Waging War on American History and Civics Education By AMAC Newsline – June 3, 2021   AMAC Exclusive America’s schools are on the front lines of an ongoing movement that threatens the very foundations of our society. With the help of four new education funding bills working their way through Congress, a pro-racism regulation being…

Regaining Our Flag’s Respect

We can restore our Flag’s greatness and it is through the Constitution’s Article V, second clause. By Mike Kapic – June 14, 2021 Today is Flag Day. It’s a day to honor our country’s symbol of who we are; a nation of immigrants who hold steadfast to beliefs in our Creator, liberty, Judeo-Christian values, firearms,…

Fighting Woke Employee’s

My Woke Employees Tried to Cancel Me. Here’s How I Fought Back and Saved My Nonprofit. After years of serving victims of trauma, Grace Daniel and her husband came under attack by employees who embraced “woke” ideology. Instead of letting their organization flounder, Grace fought back. By Grace Daniel – June 07, 2021 By now there are…

An Article V BBA Coming

Budget hawks hatch plan to force constitutional convention By MICHAEL BIESECKER July 31, 2020 WASHINGTON (AP) — GOP activists want to trigger a constitutional convention with the goal of enacting a federal balanced budget amendment, potentially requiring massive cuts to government spending. Critics warned a convention could decide to take on topics beyond a balanced…

American Plan Hurts Families

5 Things You Need to Know About Biden’s $1.8 Trillion American Families Plan Through a laundry list of proposals, the Biden administration’s $1.8 trillion American Families Plan would significantly grow federal bureaucrats’ control of some of the most personal aspects of family life. By Marie Fishpaw / Lindsey Burke  / Doug Badger / Matthew Dickerson / Leslie Ford  / Rachel Greszler / Robert Rector / May 10, 2021 Strong…

Unions: Try to Save Themselves

The Dangerous PRO Act Would Destroy the Economy as We Know It by admin | May 14, 2021 | Free Market, News and Updates Unions are in decline in America, and it’s no surprise as to why. Most do not offer any sort of value to the overwhelming majority of workers. You would think they could take a hint. In 2017,…

Historical Schools

WSJ – April 24, 2021 The 4,978 Schools That Changed America Andrew Feiler | 654 words Inside the small white clapboard Cairo School in Sumner County, Tenn., brothers Frank and Charles Brinkley stand under the watchful gaze of a once towering figure in American business. The portrait of Julius Rosenwald, who led Sears, Roebuck &…

Scheduling Our Revolution

Here’s When The American Founders Thought Revolution Was Justified The American Revolution proved a people can not only overthrow an existing regime but establish a free, peaceful, and functional government of their own. By Kevin Portteus – MAY 19, 2021 According to the American Declaration of Independence, people enter into political society for the sake of protecting their…

Federalism at Work

Ways to fight back against the Radical Left By Mike Huckabee – May 21, 2021 Those who believed that all it took for the radical left to force their agenda onto America was for Democrats to hold the White House, a tiny majority in the House and a tie in the Senate should remember that…

Sports & Politics

MLB Asking Fans about Political Affiliation By RYAN MILLS –  April 22, 2021 Hey baseball fans, if you’ve attended a Major League Baseball game recently, the league has some questions about your experience: How was the view from your seat? How long did you have to wait for food? How many innings did you stay? Oh,…

The Progressive’s Idols

Eeyore’s Cabinet: The Racial Golden Calf By: Victor Davis Hanson – April 26, 2021 A multiracial democracy of the 21st century has abruptly begun worshiping superficial appearances, as it announces that everything from the order of vaccinations and farm aid to cash vouchers for the poor and dorm selections will be determined by race, in utter…

Why Memorial Day?

The Origins of the American Revolution By Mike Kapic – May 31, 2021 Where did they all come from? Why have so many served our Nation? Why have so many paid the ultimate price? What about the countless who served indirectly? The parents standing up to the school board that had lost its way. Could…