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Real Climate Science Deniers

Man made climate crisis promoters reject inconvenient evidence of natural climate change By Paul Driessen – May 19, 2020 Fifty years ago, I helped organize Earth Day #1 programs on my college campus, calling attention to serious pollution problems that afflicted much of the USA. Over the ensuing decades, laws, regulations, and changed attitudes, practices and…

The People’s Power Check

A Power Check Amendment for the US Constitution via Article V [Editor: We participated in the gathering recapped here: it was a proposal for a Constitutional amendment. A simulated Article V convention intended to return the central power of government back to the people. For instance, it could be used today to overturn SCOTUS’s May…

Covid-19 and the Constitution

Coronavirus crisis — Does America still have a Constitution? By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano – May 7, 2020 Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano tells ‘Fox & Friends’ that he’s surprised Michiganders did not protest sooner against the state’s stay-at-home order. I have been taking some heat from friends and colleagues for my steadfast…

Proposing Amendments

Roman Buhler Pushing Congress: Propose Amendments – By Stuart MacPhail – May 2020 On Tuesday, March 14, Roman Buhler, National Director of the Madison Coalition, hosted a conference call as a progress report on two specific proposed constitutional amendments that he said his group is promoting, plus a third topic that he stressed as needing to be…

A Trillion Here, a Trillion There

WSJ May 9, 2020 It appears that we are all modern monetary theorists now. By The Editorial Board | 289 words If you want another reason beyond Friday’s April jobs report to reopen the economy, look no further than Friday’s Congressional Budget Office report on the federal fisc for April. The combination of collapsing revenues…

Environmental Political Ideology

Highly respected genetics journal reveals its political ideology By Dan Nebert |September 3rd, 2019 This story—and email chain—is an excellent example of what we (in “honest science”) are facing these days. The “story” began with a 1-page editorial that appeared in Nature Genetics [Aug 2019; 51: p. 1195], titled “Genetics for a warming world”: “Record high temperatures are being seen worldwide,…

Political Party Alternative

Why Libertarianism Is Not Mainstream (But Should Be) Why is it exactly that libertarians are often dismissed by both sides of the political spectrum? Henry Gardella –  May 7, 2020 Consider a libertarian. Ideas and phrases jump in your mind: free-market capitalism; legalization of marijuana; “taxation is theft;” Ayn Rand; anarchist utopia. One characteristic stands…

Time to Reopen

Facts Suggest Time to Reopen Economy By Robert B. Charles – May 20, 2020   | Three facts should define how we see COVID-19 – and whether America reopens. They are important, not much talked about. They should guide policy at all levels. First, total deaths attributed to the virus may be inaccurate, due to death certificate discontinuities. Second, non-coronavirus deaths may be spiking from…

The Banner Flies on Memorial Day

The September 14, 1814 story of our Star Spangled Banner and to those who have paid the ultimate price for her on this Memorial Day observance. God Bless America!

1619 Project Fake Story

WSJ May 9, 2020 ‘The 1619 Project’ Tells a False Story About Capitalism, Too Writing in 1854, George Fitzhugh described slavery as ‘a beautiful example of communism.’ By Allen C. Guelzo | 893 words The awarding of a Pulitzer Prize for commentary to the New York Times magazine’s Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of “The 1619 Project”…

California’s Dangerous Voting Experiment

Tony Perkins – May 12, 2020 “One of the reasons I believe in the resurrection,” Mike Huckabee once joked, “is because we’d see dead people vote every year!” Well, he’s about to make a lot of converts in California, where liberal Gov. Gavin Newsom just ordered a vote-by-mail system through November—a decision that’s scaring the daylights out…

The Bully’crats and the Fisherman

A True “Whopper” of a Fish Story “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – English Proverb By Bruce Kauffmann – May 15, 2020 Unless, of course, the federal government steps in and arrests that fisherman for violating the…

Freedom and the Pandemic

WSJ May 9, 2020 The Bean Farmer’s Guide to Social Distancing and Personal Freedom As lockdowns are lifted, officials should leave people alone to make safe choices about how to act. By Terry Wanzek | 688 words Jamestown, N.D. When truckers come to our farm for pinto beans, we don’t shake hands or bump elbows….

Our Growing Debt Crisis

Washington Times on Debt Crisis By Stuart MacPhail – May 2020 On April 16 The Washington Times published a commentary by former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker entitled Confronting the U.S. debt crisis before it’s too late. Walker underscores the federal spending within the recently acted CARES Act, “And the actions of the Federal Reserve in response to the coronavirus…

Canadian Health Care Crumbles

Canada’s Government-Run Health Care System Crumbled under COVID-19 Fifty years of government management of essential health care has left Canada with far less capacity and far fewer resources than it needs in this crisis. Peter St. Onge –  May 8, 2020 In an editorial last week, the Los Angeles Times declared it conventional wisdom that COVID-19 proves…

Police in Difficult Position

Police are being put in an awkward position across the country. Political leaders in cities, counties, and states are forcing police to enforce unconstitutional non-laws during this pandemic. Stable and credible law enforcement should the rule, not tyrannical political misbehavior.