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Ignoring Human Nature

Biden Administration Is Mocking Ancient Wisdom By Victor Davis Hanson – May 13, 2021 For three months, the Biden administration has emphasized racial differences rather than our melting-pot commonalities Human nature stays the same across time and space. That is why there used to be predictable political, economic, and social behavior that all countries understood. The supply…

Your True Debt!

Report: ‘True National Debt Exceeds $123 Trillion’ By Stuart MacPhail – May 2021The startling number comes from the latest edition of The Financial State of the Union 2021 report, compiled and published annually by Chicago-based nonprofit Truth in Accounting (TIA), published April 15. This is the fifth year TIA has produced its Fiscal State of the Union report. …

Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice Is Big Business Today    by Harry Mathews on April 20, 2021 [For links to the stories below, go to EAN 4-20-21] There is so much information coming out these days about the depravity of our culture that it is like drinking out of a fire hose. Only, it’s not a fire hose, it’s a flame…

Reforming America

It’s Time For A New Cultural Tea Party To Offer Its Vision For America The nation finds itself in a new time for choosing and warrants the rise of a new cultural Tea Party born out of the ashes of the first. By Tristan Justice – MAY 7, 2021 Parents began to take over a local school board last…

Thoughts to Ponder…

The following come from a part of America’s Story… “We are a nation of free enterprise, with a limited government, with an independent Court, one built on respect for the Constitution. If we allow politicians to violate these principles, we will not survive. By law we must follow the Constitution.  It’s time politicians do this….

Federalism News

Oklahoma Senate Calls for National Federalism Task Force By Stuart MacPhail – May 2021On March 29 the Oklahoma Senate reportedly adopted SCR6, a resolution that seeks to clarify the roles of both the state and federal governments.  The bill was authored by Senator Michael Bergstrom. According to blog site MuskogeeNOW, ”the resolution renews the state Legislature’s commitment…

Public Education Alternative

Among other things, the CCP virus catastrophe exposed some of America’s hidden sores. One is our children’s K-12 education. The solution began a number of years ago and has proven to have produced a better product: education choice. Here’s a 9 minute example of one of the many success stories being replicated across America today.

Government Spending Fraud

Massive Fraud Follows COVID Spending Spree By AMAC Newsline – April 27, 2021   A little over a year has passed since the federal government started pumping trillions of dollars into the economy in the form of stimulus checks, boosted unemployment checks, and the Paycheck Protection Program. And a little over a year has passed since fraudsters…

Government Voter Fraud

Government Colluded With Big Tech On Election Censorship By Mike Huckabee – April 30, 2021 While we wait for the results of the Maricopa County election audit, there’s more being revealed about how the 2020 presidential election was conducted that should concern us all. This story relates to the hair-splitting some do when it comes…

MIT Torches Masks

The COVID Panic Mafia’s Mask Fetish Just Went Up in Flames. MIT Researchers Torched It. By Matt Vespa – Apr 25, 2021 How many times have we seen it from the liberal media? They detail a large gathering, with the insufferable comment “no masks.” The mask has been the crutch for the panic peddlers, something…

Saving America

[Editor: This is a five part series of essays by Prof. Rob Natelson adding one each week] Don’t Be Fooled! Don’t Let Them Divert Us From Ensuring Electoral Integrity! Part I By Rob Natelson – January 12, 2021 Commentary The public furor over the illegal Capitol break-in is a diversion. Don’t let it stop us…

Voter Suppression for Some

Democrat States: “Voter Suppression” for Me, but Not for Thee  By AZ Free Enterprise Club – 4/13/2021 It is now very obvious that the left and liberal media’s commitment to false and hyperbolic rhetoric regarding election bills in Arizona, Georgia, Texas, and elsewhere is not about policy but rather demonizing Republicans. But the jig is…

State Legislature: Balance Fed Power

To balance federal/state power, state legislators must rise to their constitutional role by LaVarr Webb – April 21, 2021 How Freedom is Protected. In Federalist 51, James Madison wrote: “In the compound republic of America, the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments (federal and states), and then the portion allotted to…

Small Business Helping Oligarchy

How American Small Businesses Are Being Coerced To Help Build The Oligarchy While corporations are leading our government by the nose, small business is more often an unwilling victim, pleading for any path they can to survive their rulers. By Christopher Bedford – APRIL 22, 2021 WASHINGTON, D.C. — In big cities across America, we have seen…

Public School Alternative

New Data Shows Homeschooling Explosion! by Gary Benoit April 2, 2021 New data from the U.S. Census Bureau confirm earlier polling results showing an unprecedented explosion in the number of families choosing to educate their children at home, free from government indoctrination, sexualization, forced masking, and dangerous dumbing down. Homeschooling rates grew fastest among black Americans. The shift has…

Christian Persecution

More evidence Christians are under assault By Mike Huckabee – 4/3/21 On this holiest of weekends, there is more evidence that Christians are under assault on all fronts from emboldened secular forces on the left. To list just a few headlines from the past couple of days: Archbishop Joseph Naumann, Chairman of the U.S. Conference…