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Review: Natelson’s Law of Article V

A Road Map to Article V by Mike Kapic  January 7, 2019 I’m not a lawyer or a scholar but an amateur historian who began researching Article V in late 2013 and found a treasure trove of learned material. Historical material. Because of the many claims that we don’t know how a convention of states…

The 14th Birthright Fraud

The Birthright Rip-Off Is Another Affront to American Citizenship Jan Brewer Dec 29, 2018 The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of Americans are being sold the fairy tale that the whole world has a constitutional right to come here, give birth, and get a free American…

Obama Voter Switched

She knew the difference between right and wrong.

Sweden Socialist?

Sweden Isn’t Socialist John Stossel January 1, 2019 Obama Used Walls to Shut Out Veterans, Opposes Walls To Stop Illegal Aliens For years, I’ve heard American leftists say Sweden is proof that socialism works, that it doesn’t have to turn out as badly as the Soviet Union or Cuba or Venezuela did. But that’s not…

Climate Report Fraud

‘A Political Report Masquerading as Science’: The Truth About the New Climate Report The latest National Climate Assessment report calls for a look back at past predictions from global warming adherents and whether they came to fruition. Pictured: French President Emmanuel Macron ahead of a meeting to present a 10-year energy plan for the ecology…

Our World Caused by the Reformation

There’s more to be grateful for than we realize.

Healthcare Costs Alternative

8 Practical, Unconventional Suggestions For Fixing America’s Soaring Health Costs Here are a few ways we could streamline our health care system, increase competition, and help deliver quality care to those who need it most. By David Bicksler DECEMBER 12, 2018 Bobby Jindal wrote this fall in National Review about “Preventing Single-Payer,” emphasizing that without a better…

Saturday Quotes

“Banks borrow money in order to lend it.” Ludwig von Mises “Credit given by dealers to unproductive consumers is never an addition, but always a detriment, to the sources of public wealth.” John Stuart Mill “Washington is where the money is. That’s generally what keeps people here.” Senator Trent Lott (R-MS)   “Is not commercial…

War to End All Wars

EU’s Solar Problem

WSJ December 22, 2018 Macron Is German Taxpayers’ Last Hope If French reforms fail, it’s hard to see how else the eurozone survives. By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. | 780 words In reckoning with the 2016 British referendum that gave the world Brexit and then the U.S. election that gave the world Donald Trump, one…

The Worlds 1%

Are You in the Top One Percent of the World? BY DANIEL KURT, Oct 29, 2018 A few short years ago, the “Occupy” movement helped put the spotlight on income inequality around the globe. While the protestors have long retreated from Wall Street and other power centers, the issue hasn’t exactly gone away. Indeed, the gap…

Back to Discipline

WSJ December 22, 2018 Notable & Quotable: School Discipline ‘A student who perceives that his race is an excuse for bad conduct will be handicapped for life.’ 141 words From “Back to Discipline” by Heather Mac Donald in City Journal, Dec. 19, 2018: Excusing insubordination and aggression in the name of racial equity is not…

The Consent of the Governed

We Must Understand the Consent of the Governed Happy New Year 2019 and welcome to a new beginning. By Mike Kapic January 1, 2019 The 2019 resolution: Understanding the Declaration’s meaning of the “consent of the governed.” Despite the notion that we are losing the battle for America, nothing could be further from the truth.…

Perspective from Inside the Caravan

AZMEX I3 UPDATE2 18 DEC 2018 Note:  from the left of media center Proceso. Gracias The migrant caravan, disillusioned and diluted BY RAFAEL FERNÁNDEZ DE CASTRO, DECEMBER 18, 2018 ESSAY MEXICO CITY (Process) .- One month after the arrival of the migrant caravan to Tijuana (November 10), disillusionment is the general feeling among its…

The Discipline of Betsy DeVos

WSJ December 22, 2018 Reversing a policy that undercut local ability to impose order in schools. By The Editorial Board | 445 words The way her critics are shouting, you would have thought Betsy DeVos wants to reinstitute Jim Crow. What the education secretary is really pushing is a return to common sense and local…

Saturday Quotes

“Consensus is the absence of leadership.”  Lady Thatcher “Benevolent totalitarianism is the concept of government control by and through deception.” Bob Livingston “Capital won’t flow to a hostile environment.” unknown “There are no victims in life, only winners and losers. If you’re a winner, you risked your assets and worked hard to earn the win.…

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