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Did the Founders Blunder?

February 25, 2019

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Did the Founders Blunder, Part I

1787 Constitutional Convention: Illegal or a Runaway? A broadly stated false authority by the John Birch Society, Eagle Forum, and others is that an Article V convention will surely result in a runaway? Where’s the evidence? Which conventions ran away? The claim continues: The Constitutional convention of 1787 was illegal and, as such, a runaway?…

Min Wage Killing Jobs

“Restaurant Recession” Hits NYC Following $15 Minimum Wage This will be a rough year for full-service NYC restaurants as they try to navigate a future with significant economic headwinds and significantly higher labor costs from the city’s $15 an hour minimum wage. Mark J. Perry February 22, 2019 An article in the New York Eater (“Restaurateurs Are…

Developing Democracy

WSJ February 9, 2019 The Long, Hard Road to Democracy Those worried about today’s setbacks should look to European history, which shows that democratic development always proceeds in fits and starts. By Sheri Berman | 1264 words It is easy to be depressed today about democracy’s prospects. Promising new democracies in Hungary, Poland, Turkey and…

Saturday Quotes

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” Herbert Spencer’s quote at the end of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book “Every time the minimum wage is increased, a new…

Democrats Imploding

What is Happening to the Democrat Party? By Robert B. Charles   February 14, 2019 The Democrat party seems troubled.  When negotiating a curve at high speed, too tight a turn can shake up passengers, test the integrity of the carrying vehicle, and deliver everything into the pucker brush.  Arguably, this is where the national Democratic Party…

Here’s Why Identity Politics Threatens America

Jarrett Stepman  November 28, 2018 Identity politics uniquely threaten America, said a group of panelists at The Heritage Foundation. Is there an answer to the problem of identity politics in America? For some, the “solution” is direct. “We need to take on the oppression narrative,” conservative commentator Heather Mac Donald said at a Heritage Foundation…

Refugee Resettlement

America’s exceptionalism draws the world to want to come. It would collapse if the half the world decided to move here and border restrictions are all that’s keeping us alive.  It’s time to repair the damage of our southern border caused by politicians.

Saving Capitalism

WSJ Feb 16,2019 Republicans Need to Save Capitalism Democrats have gone left, so they’re not going to do it. The GOP needs a renewed seriousness. By Peggy Noonan | 1218 words Let’s think about the broader, less immediate meaning of our political era. This is how I read it and have read it for some…

America’s Move Left with Identity Politics

The Divided States of America Gary Bauers’ Feb 8, 2019 End of the Day Report Former Georgia State Representative Stacy Abrams had an article published recently in the prestigious journal Foreign Affairs.  She lost her race for governor by more than 50,000 votes and acted like she was cheated. I’m still scratching my head over how…

Did the Founders Blunder?

The John Birch Society & others false authority claims the Constitution was flawed by the Founders By Mike Kapic February 24, 2019 I’m trying to understand why a very small group of patriots has felt compelled to attack millions of other patriotic Americans who, it happens, agree on most issues except for one concerning the…

Climate Change–Every 172 Years!

Like clock work. Yet we waste billions and billions on a ‘fantasy’ industry. How bright are we, really? And these are the same people who are trying to bring us socialism…more genders…less religion…less family values…more identities, etc.

Thank You Rep. ‘Occasional’-Cortez

Total Backfire – AOC, Amazon and the Socialist Disaster By Robert B. Charles   February 19, 2019 Boy-oh-boy!  If you wanted to see socialism backfire before your eyes – proof that anti-capitalist sentiment leads no place good – I think we just saw it.  In one of the oddest chapters in recent American politics, an avowed socialist…

New Article V Bills Filed

State Legislatures’ Article V Caucus Newsletter by Stuart MacPhail  February, 2019 Three More Article V-related Bills Have Been Filed –  The Washington state legislature is considering SJM8004, a proposed BBA-focused Article V application.  The bill has 10 sponsors.  A House version of the bill (HJM4005) was filed on January 23.  Frank Bowen of the BBA Task Force…

Saturday Quotes

“America is not exceptional because it has long attempted to be a force for good in the world, it attempts to be a force for good because it is exceptional,” Peggy Noonan. “Arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of situations. No sirree. Not a pretty cocktail in an…

Taxpayers Subsidize (Almost) Everything

Federal Subsidies Now Pervade Almost Everything Local governments are now dependent on federal subsidies for even the smallest of programs and functions. Chris Edwards February 07, 2019 Can’t anyone do anything in this country without federal subsidies? A friend emailed me a local news story from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: “Firefighter recruitment ads on hold due…

Congressional Term Limits

State Legislature’s Article V Caucus Newsletter by Stuart MacPhail  February, 2019 Need Seen for Congressional Term Limits – This past month a web site called 71 carried a piece entitled Congressional Term Limits Are a Necessity.  The article builds on the statement that “With 14% congressional approval ratings but reelection rates often over 90%, it is clear that…


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It's time for a solution that promotes TERM LIMITS.
It's time for a solution that promotes FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.
It's time for a solution that promotes SELF-GOVERNANCE.
It's time for a solution that promotes BIPARTISANSHIP.
It's time for a solution that promotes LOCAL DECISION MAKING.
It's time for a solution that promotes LASTING CHANGE.

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