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Shaping the EC: History

October 21, 2019

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Why America’s Founders Didn’t Want a Democracy

In his book “Liberty in Peril,” Randall Holcombe challenges the presumption that liberty and democracy are complementary. Gary M. Galles – December 17, 2019 When I took history and government in school, many critical issues were misrepresented, given short shrift, or even ignored entirely. And those lacunae undermined my ability to adequately understand many things….

America’s Creed?

WSJ November 30, 2019 Does America Still Have a Common Creed? The U.S. has an unmatched capacity for absorbing newcomers. Yet historian David M. Kennedy worries that the country no longer agrees on a shared identity or purpose. By Jason Willick | 1922 words Stanford, Calif. As the Seventh U.S. Army prepared to seize Axis-held…

The Court’s Inconsistency

Scotus, Abortion, and the Common Defense by Rodney Dodsworth | December 16, 2019 In 1918, Scotus settled the issue of WWI conscription v. the 13th Amendment’s ban on involuntary servitude. Borrowing from Vattel, the court majority wrote in the Selective Draft Law Cases: The highest duty of the citizen is to bear arms at the…

Time Magazine: Capitalism Response

My Response to Time Magazine’s Cover Story on Capitalism The case for true capitalism is a moral one that’s rooted in human nature and human rights. Lawrence W. Reed – December 11, 2019 [FEE Editor’s note: The following is in response to the cover story, “How the Elites Lost Their Grip,” by Anand Giridharadas in…

The Sirens’ Song of the 17th Amendment

Conclusions of Jay S. Bybee – Ulysses at the Mast. Rodney Dodsworth – December 2, 2019 Bybee’s 1997 work was my first scholarly exposure to the 17th Amendment. At the time, I admit to no concern whatsoever over popularly elected Senators. Bybee opened my eyes to the central and indispensable place a Senate of the…

Your Kids & Cultural Leftism

4 Ways To Help Your Kids Fight Assimilation Into Cultural Leftism Equipping our kids might mean talking to them about difficult and uncomfortable subjects long before we’d like to. But choosing not to have them doesn’t protect our kids. It dooms them to leftist assimilation. By Katy Faust – DECEMBER 13, 2019 “You don’t agree with me…

Driven to My Knees!

Thank you, Father

Thank you, Father for sending your Son to save mankind. Thank you Mary and Joseph for raising the Son of God to manhood. And thank you Jesus for giving up your life so we might receive your eternal love. We celebrate your Birthday!

Congress Do Your Job!

Congress: Do Your Job and Restrain SCOTUS  [Editor: This is just as appropriate today as it was three-plus years ago.] By WILLIAM J. WATKINS JR. – August 12, 2016 Has the Supreme Court elevated itself to a super-legislature that makes policy rather than law? If so, should Congress strip the Supreme Court of jurisdiction to hear certain cases? As the eight…

Why Utah?

WSJ December 7, 2019 Why Utah Has Become America’s Economic Star From taxes to education to the business climate, the Beehive State has its house in order. By Stephen Moore | 765 words Salt Lake City Which of the 50 states has the best economic outlook? For each of the past 12 years, Arthur Laffer,…

The Night Watchman

A metaphor for our government. Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert. Congress said someone may steal from it at night, so they created a night watchman position (GS-4) and hired a person for the job. Then Congress said, “How does the watchman do his…

1989 Wasn’t the End of History After All

WSJ November 9, 2019 Liberal democracy in Eastern Europe is facing a new wave of authoritarian challengers. By Yascha Mounk | 1057 words My earliest political memory is of watching the Berlin Wall fall live on television. I can still picture my 7-year-old self in a spacious open-plan living room, my face up close against…

California’s Dark Age

A New Dark Age: California’s Blackouts Are Self-Inflicted Jarrett Stepman – October 13, 2019 California, the richest state in the nation—and one that’s often portrayed as the progressive harbinger of the future for the rest of the country—has been hit with its latest Third World-style disaster. On top of high poverty rates, skyrocketing homelessness, rising crime, and the…

Is the 28th Amendment Close?

Will the ERA Become the 28th Amendment? – by Stuart MacPhail – December, 2019 On Nov. 6 The New York Times carried a story headlined “The Equal Rights Amendment May Pass Now.  It’s Only Been 96 Years”.  It claimed: “Virginia, soon to be under Democratic control, will likely be the 38th state to ratify the amendment.  The Supreme Court…

Machiavelli & the Deep State

Machiavelli on the Deep State Conspiracy President or Plotter? by Rodney Dodsworth – October 14, 2019 In our Constitutional order we find comforts unknown to many nations. We can go about our lives without concern over a matter that often threatened kingdoms since ancient times: succession to the executive power. Thanks to an Electoral College…

Happy Birthday Bill of Rights!

This Day (yesterday) in History: Happy Bill of Rights Day! Tara Ross – Dec 15, 2018 On this day in 1791, Virginia ratifies the Bill of Rights, making those ten constitutional amendments the law of the land. The Bill of Rights, of course, includes protections for such things as freedom of speech, the right to…

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