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Federalism is the Answer

September 1, 2021

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States That Are Recovering

The 10 States Leading the Economic Recovery All Have One Thing in Common (And So Do the Worst Ones!) The picture painted here is clear.  Brad Polumbo –  August 23, 2021 The economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing government restrictions. But newly released Labor Department data show that the recovery isn’t equal across…

Federalism is the Answer

The states working together have the same equal power as the national government in Washington DC. They just have to decide to join and resolve issues that DC can’t. We the people can encourage them to meet and work through the tough issues facing us today. The states can solve the debt problem. Contact your…

A Federalism Moment

Federalism Is Having a Moment – Let’s Seize the Opportunity! by KARLA JONES – APRIL 28, 2021 A renewed appreciation for federalism – the proper balance of power between the federal government and the 50 states – is sweeping the nation. Earlier this month, Utah Valley University’s (UVU) Center for Constitutional Studies hosted a Functional Federalism…

Protecting Our Foundation

Biden’s Unprecedented Attack on the Constitution David Harsanyi – August 06, 2021 President Joe Biden’s new 19-page order includes draconian penalties, fines, and potential jail time for violating a concocted “law.” Joe Biden certainly isn’t the first president to violate his oath of office, but he might be the first in memory to openly brag about doing…

Article V Academy

ALEC and Article V Academy in Salt Lake City By Mike Kapic – August 22, 2021 My wife, Joanne, and I drove to Salt Lake City on a Tuesday in late July to participate in the Article V Academy (sponsored by LUV4BBA) put on by ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) on the following Friday afternoon….

The Thing About History

by Rodney Dodsworth – July 13, 2020     To many people history is a pain they’ll never soothe. Since knowledge of events from long ago might contradict their feelings and passions, it is best left alone, shunned, and ignored. Besides, we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, right? Why bother with the dead hand of the past? History can…

Curtailing SCOTUS

How The Right Can Work With The Left On Curtailing The Supreme Court’s Power Proposals include term limits, requiring a supermajority for some decisions, and randomly drawing justices in a ‘lottery’ from the pool of federal judges. By Curt Levey – AUGUST 18, 2021 When President Biden extended the eviction moratorium earlier this month, he was openly flouting the…

Your Government: Your Debt!

Is Washington DC handling your money in a responsible way? Or are they using you to fund their agenda? Is government returning value to you in exchange for the dollars taken from you and yours?


by Jeff Dover – August 18, 2021 The media seem to love the word “mandate”.  Given their focus on the word, it’s evident that they want more of them.  This free American isn’t playing. A “mandate” is an imperial decree.  We have a legislature in the state and we have a congress in Washington, both the result…

States Origin’s

States Origin’s Where did federalism come from? How far had they come by 1890? By Mike Kapic – August 21, 2021 It might seem like a simple task to convert thirteen colonies into thirteen states in the mid-1770s, but it wasn’t without effort and determination. The population of about 3 million found themselves in an…

Bob Dylan’s Gospel Trilogy

10 Defining Lyrics From Bob Dylan’s Gospel Trilogy On the 40th anniversary of his final of three albums created after converting to Christianity, here’s a compilation of lyrics worth highlighting. By Barry Lenser – AUGUST 12, 2021 Of all the reinventions Bob Dylan has undertaken in his long, shape-shifting career, none was more radical and jarring than…

Break Government Schools

Masks And CRT Are Just The Start: It’s Time To Break The Public Schools (And Here’s How) Defund the schools for real. Take the amount of money that every public school is spending, per pupil, and put it under the direct control of parents. By Christopher Bedford – AUGUST 3, 2021 (Watch the video for a monologue on this article and…

Are Energy Blackouts Coming?

Biden Administration Ignores Looming Disastrous “Blackout Scenario” By AMAC Newsline – August 13, 2021   The dubiously titled “bipartisan infrastructure bill” that just passed the Senate this week includes $73 billion for so-called “upgrades” to the electrical grid. However, as Energy Secretary Granholm has made clear in multiple interviews, the bulk of these dollars will be used…

America’s Freedoms

A New Freedom Variant!

Dangerous New Freedom Variant Causing People To Ignore Government And Live Their Lives July 23rd, 2021 – BabylonBee.com U.S.—Experts are warning of yet another new problem facing the nation: They’ve spotted a new, more dangerous freedom variant spreading among the populace. This freedom is so virulent that people infected by it feel they can ignore…

Article V-Dynamic Federalism

by Rodney Dodsworth – September 10, 2018    Over a long radio career, Rush Limbaugh regularly slammed the Congressional Budget Office for its static analysis of tax cuts. It is natural to think in linear terms. If Congress cuts taxes by X, then government revenue should fall by X. Right? Except, it often doesn’t work that way. Man and…