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Exodus and America

January 22, 2021

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Federalism and Article V

January 22, 2021

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America Must Hold China Accountable

By Robert B. Charles – December 2, 2020 China and Iran wanted Biden-Harris – and got them.  Whether China helped in that process remains an open question, but they desperately wanted to be done with Donald Trump.  They will likely get new trade, nuclear, missile, and sanctions relief, an end to bilateral Middle East peace deals,…

Fighting Words!

DAVID HOROWITZ: FIGHTING WORDS By JOHN HINDERAKER – NOVEMBER 22, 2020 Our friend David Horowitz wrote this essay, which he titled “Fighting Words.” It is a call for freedom-loving Americans to fight back against the totalitarian Left. By now it should be obvious – even to conservatives – that we are in a war. It…

Stand Against Lockdowns, America

Waffle House’s Stand Against Lockdowns Is Exactly What America Needs—Almost Waffle House CEO Walt Ehmer’s stance against lockdowns is courageous, but ultimately bolder action may be required to save businesses from the pernicious effects of lockdowns. By Jon Miltimore – November 21, 2020 Walt Ehmer, the CEO of Waffle House, didn’t mince words when he…

Green Energy Dooming Africa

Millions in Africa Being Sacrificed to Extreme Poverty, Premature Death on Altar of ‘Green Energy’ Gregory Wrightstone / November 17, 2020 Obama-era policies that favor so-called green energy over coal-fired electricity are dooming millions of Africans to lives of extreme poverty, environmental degradation, and increased risk of early death, according to a new analysis by the CO2 Coalition. The study…

‘A Question of Freedom’ Review

WSJ Nov 14, 2020 ‘A Question of Freedom’ Review: Slavery on Trial Early 19th-century lawsuits held out the hope that enslaved people could have their day in court. By Fergus M. Bordewich | 1585 words The American Revolution heralded a soaring faith in the ultimate triumph of natural rights in a world of kings, princes…

Do Corporations Decide Elections?

DEMOCRATS SAY AT&T, COMCAST AND DISNEY DECIDE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS Daniel Greenfield  November 15, 2020 The first to call the presidential election for Joe Biden was AT&T. AT&T, through its subsidiary CNN, one of the largest conglomerates in the world with a market cap of over $200 billion, billions of which come from lucrative federal contracts, was…

Lose to Win

SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO LOSE IN ORDER TO WIN By E.P. UNUM – December 18, 2020 Now I recognize that the title of this very brief editorial piece may sound confusing and contradictory to many, but there is a certain logic to it. It really does make sense. Sometimes you really do need to lose in…

You, The People

Democracy is solely about voting and nothing much has change except the technology and techniques over time. How many votes have been neutralized because of cheating? As James Madison said, “If men were angels, we wouldn’t need government…”

Civil Liberty and Government

Illegitimate Government and Control Mechanisms Require the Elimination of Communication, FIGHT IT by Arizona Freedom Alliance on December 16, 2020 It is not coincidental that bars and taverns have been targeted for closure and control under the auspices of 2020’s COVID-19 fear and mitigation. It is not coincidental that churches and fellowship gatherings have been targeted for closure and…

Two Article V Proposals

Two diametrically opposed topics for Americans to consider at a convention. The best place to have these discussions in the same way they were debated in 1787.  Orrin Hatch: Use Article V to Save the Supreme Court by Stuart MacPhail – December 2020 On October 28 the National Review published an article by former US Senator Orrin…

America’s Corporate Moral Scandal

Huge scandal no one is considering Arizona Freedom Alliance – December 18, 2020 – Editorial Opinion It’s nearly 2021 and since 2016, we have become so accustomed to watching the scurrilous antics of the democrats that we just yawn and figure it’s just one more blast against America and her citizens. We all watch the…

Big Government vs. Small Business

How Big Government Stacked the Deck Against Small Business Not only did government persecute certain businesses to the benefit of others, it also provided incentives, handouts, and other pork. Hannah Cox –  November 28, 2020 Most of us wouldn’t list 2020 as our best year. But you know who would? Amazon, Wal-Mart, Google, Apple, and…

Latest C-19 Mask Study

https://media.livecast365.com/highwire/thehighwire/content/1605914524392.mp4 Healthy people are being forced to wear masks when the science behind them says they don’t work. That is an infringement of our freedom. A recent Denmark study confirms.

What is Your Declaration?

by Michael Russell – December 11, 2020 Those of us who are Americans in the original sense of the word, for whom America’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution mean what they meant to their courageous authors, must draw a line around what remains of our free and sovereign selves. Two hundred and forty-four years ago,…

Presidential Elections in Overtime

These 3 Presidential Elections Also Went Into Overtime. Here’s How They Were Resolved. By Fred Lucas – December 07, 2020 Donald Trump and Joe Biden will have to get in line for bragging rights. This fall’s presidential election, the results of which the Trump campaign continues to challenge in key battleground states, is hardly the first national…

Rekindle Federalism

Avoid Breaking Apart by Rekindling Federalism  By Stuart MacPhail Responding to columnists who lament that America is so divided that it should simply divide into multiple countries, former Utah state legislator Ken Ivory recently wrote A Republic Worth Keeping for the American Legislative Exchange Council. Ivory points to a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that revealed “a deep and boiling anger…