Conventions that Made America

A Brief History of Consensus Building

  • The History of Conventions in America
  • How the Founders Provided Checks Against Tyranny
  • A Better Way to Amend the Constitution
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Great Leaders Preserve America’s Trinity

E Pluribus Unum, (out of many, one) Liberty,  In God We Trust Only great leaders can keep America’s Trinity

Saturday Quotes

“Eleven teens die each day because of texting while driving.  Maybe   it’s time to raise the age of Smartphone ownership to 21.” Unknown “If gun control laws actually worked, Chicago would be Mayberry.” Unknown “The Second Amendment makes more women equal than the entire feminist movement.” Unknown “Legal gun owners have 300 million guns and…

James Madison’s Notes

An interview with Mary Sarah Bilder, author of Madison’s Hand: Revising the Constitutional Convention. An interesting lecture on the relationships of the Framers of the Constitution as told through James Madison’s notes. This was the gathering in which the states reformed the new government and its document, the Articles of Confederation, became the new Constitution.

NY Times: Min Wage: Zero

The New York Times Explains Why the Minimum Wage Should Be $0.00 One of the greatest takedowns of the minimum wage you’ll ever find comes from an unlikely place. Jon Miltimore September 25, 2018 The minimum wage is the Jason Vorhees of economics. It just won’t die. No matter how many jobs the minimum wage destroys,…

Basic History Missing

Americans Are Woefully Uneducated About Basic History This is a recipe for a dark future and needs to change. Jarrett Stepman October 14, 2018 In America, we celebrate democracy and are justifiably proud that this nation was founded on the idea that the people should rule. That’s why it is so important that Americans be…

Non-Market Wages Damage Lives

When all is said and done, economists agree, the most effective minimum wage is zero. Of course, governments, politicians and special interests (unions) disagree because they would suffer the consequences of a free market. It’s referred to as crony capitalism.

American Exceptionalism

When I First Realized America Is Exceptional Dennis Prager Oct 16, 2018 I moved to California from New York City in 1976. The founder of what was then America’s largest Jewish retreat center, the Brandeis Institute (not affiliated with the university), Dr. Shlomo Bardin, asked me to work as his assistant. He was 75 years-old;…

Income Inequality: The Elixir

Human Progress Is Impossible Without Income Inequality Seeing someone doing better for themselves than you are motivates self-improvement and innovation. Marian L. Tupy September 24, 2018 Barack Obama once referred to income inequality as “the defining challenge of our time.” Not terrorism, sluggish economic growth, or the ballooning national debt, but income inequality. And, to…

Minimum Wage Damage

The Advocates Liberator Online 10/11/18 Nearly Half Of Venezuela’s Businesses Shut Down After Minimum Wage Hike If you would like to see concrete, real-world evidence that government’s wage control policies are a bad idea, Venezuela just produced the perfect example. As the South American country enters yet another dark period of its long battle against…

Religion Under Fire

Religion Under Fire Meet Kelvin Cochran, he was fired from his job as fire chief of Atlanta for expressing his faith. “I was shocked that writing a book encouraging Christian men to be the husbands and fathers that God has called us to be would jeopardize my job.” Posted by Let Freedom Speak: The Daily…

Saturday Quotes

“Our Nation’s Founders gave us the means to amend the Constitution through action of state legislatures…. That is the only strategy that will work.” Ronald Reagan “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That’s why I believe, if [Democrats] are fortunate enough…

Is the Court Left or Right?

WSJ September 15, 2018 The Supreme Court Was Never Meant to Be Political Since the 1950s, the justices have become ever more powerful and partisan. It’s time to stop expecting them to be the ultimate arbiters of domestic law. By Joseph J. Ellis | 1143 words It is now received wisdom that perhaps the single…

Doing It to Californian’s Again

New California Law Will Require Kids’ Menus to List Water and Milk as Only Drink Options As if you thought the notorious nanny state couldn’t get any more intrusive. Carey Wedler October 10, 2018 California state lawmakers recently passed a bill forcing restaurants to offer specific beverages to children. Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation,…

Unions Are Obsolete Now

WSJ Letter to the Editor Oct 6, 2018 The Progressive Politics of $15 an Hour Pay Dear Editor, Regarding your editorial “Amazon’s $15 Political Insurance”(Oct. 3): I own a manufacturing business in the Seattle area. Three months ago, we abruptly gave all our full-time employees a $6,000 a year raise, with none of the publicity…

Google: A Dunce Cap for a Party Hat?

When the Google Dream Died by Daniel Greenfield October 13, 2018 Google is throwing itself a hell of a 20th birthday party. And everyone is bringing the gifts. While the dot com giant puts up celebratory doodles and shows off its original garage headquarters, Attorney General Sessions had already convened 14 state attorney generals to discuss…

America’s Untethered Debt Crisis

There is a solution, but we’ve been chasing the wrong target. By Mike Kapic October 15, 2018 Why do Democrats (and some Republicans) insist on increasing taxes when history shows us that lowering tax rates increases revenues to the government? Politician’s on both sides of the aisle have proved the thesis over the last century.…


1 hour ago

It's about our freedom.
It's about our families.
It's about our future.

Join us in our battle to regain self-governance and state sovereignty!
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2 hours ago

We are so grateful for American heroes who continue to protect and defend America and the U.S. Constitution.

In the video below, hear from veterans across the country who are standing up for our founding principles by joining the Convention of States Project.
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4 hours ago

The greatness of our country is found in our people, not our DC bureaucrats.

The greatness of our country is found in our servicemen and women, not career politicians.

The greatness of our country is found in the states, not Capitol Hill.

It's time for an Article V Convention of States. Let's get started.
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