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NYC Blessing 2020

August 7, 2020

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A Point of Light

America needs more points of light. The people just have to realize that they have the power within. Just make it visible.

Racialism: Left’s Own Monster

Racialism – the Left’s Own Frankenstein Monster By David Leeper – June 27, 2020 More than fifty years ago, the Democrat party gradually abandoned the last of its support for segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, and other racist institutions like poll taxes and literacy tests. The Democrats turned instead to racialism.  In brief, as those two terms…

Government War on Market Prices

The Government Declares War on Market Prices Just When We Need Them Most Market prices are the best way to keep up with shifts in demand. Let’s let them work as they’re supposed to. By Tom Mullen – March 28, 2020 Market prices are the foundation of civilization. They are the signal that tells producers…

SCOTUS & Anti-Christian Schooling

Supreme Court Paves Way For Americans To Drop Anti-American, Anti-Christian Schooling This court decision may certainly be seen as an invitation to state governments to freely expand taxpayer support to schools that teach religions besides secularism. By Joy Pullmann – JULY 1, 2020 While repeatedly flipping the Constitution and right voters the bird this spring, the Roberts…

All Lives Matter

Since the Black Lives Matter group/movement is not about improving black lives, the narrative must change to reflect reality: All lives matter. America does not have a race problem. America has a Progressive Racial problem that is totally political and inhumane to real Black lives. Without family structure, black lives will continue to suffer under…

An Unsung American Founder

Why Mercy Otis Warren Belongs in the Pantheon of America’s Founders Mercy Otis Warren was a highly influential writer and supporter of American independence in an era when women didn’t write for the public. Gary M. Galles – March 28, 2020 March is National Women’s History Month. But despite the heightened attention it brings to…

Rand Paul on Central Planning

Rand Paul on the fatal conceits of COVID-19 central planning BY JOSEPH SUNDE • JULY 3, 2020 When the first wave of COVID-19 hit the United States, Americans were generally sympathetic to the various lockdowns. Yes, we were likely to endure significant economic pain, but given how little we knew about the virus and how great the risks could…

SCOTUS Rules on State Electors

Supreme Court’s ‘Faithless Electors’ Decision Safeguards Electoral College by Zack Smith & Hans von Spakovsky – July 7, 2020 In a decision issued Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that states can punish presidential electors who break their pledge to support the presidential candidate preferred by the citizens of their states. The ruling affirms the Electoral…

The “Silenced” Majority

By Dennis Haugh – July 4, 2020 Since November of 1969, when President Richard Nixon first used the term, “silent majority” has been a part of the American vernacular. Like the terms “democracy” and “freedom,” we use it without giving more than a superficial thought to its meaning. We have grown to accept that a majority of…

Covid-19 Adding to Debt

Coronavirus Leaves Governmental Budgets Devastated –  By Stu MacPhail, Editor – July, 2020 COVID-19 and efforts to fight it, have caused large governmental spending increases and major drops in government revenue.  Leaders of local, state and the federal governments are now scrambling to find some semblance of balance between income and outgo.  Families are fighting…

Climate Scare Apology

Liberal Environmentalist Apologizes for ‘Climate Scare:’ ‘We Environmentalists Have Misled the Public’ Liberal Environmentalist Destroys ‘Climate Scare’ with Stunning Bombshell By Johnathan Jones – June 30, 2020 A prominent environmentalist and climate change activist has penned an open letter apologizing for what he calls a three-decade “climate scare.” Michael Shellenberger, the founder and president of the…

SCOTUS Abuse…Again!

About Brett Kavanaugh’s Dissent to Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia Scotus – The Fourth Political Institution. by Rodney Dodsworth – June 22, 2020 As opposed to political and illogical court decisions like that of the 6-3 majority in Bostock v. Clayton County, decisions that leave readers scratching their heads, the Kavanaugh dissent is a waft of easy-to-read constitutional clarity. Right…

Missing COS Applications

Amendment Expert Warns: Applications are Missing – by Stuart MacPhail – July, 2020 Gregory Watson, an acknowledged expert on bringing about constitutional amendments, points out that as of June “several Article V Convention resolutions still have not reached the all-important United States Senate and, in the specific case of Nebraska’s 2010 resolution … that particular…

Understanding the Constitution

The Constitution Doesn’t Mean Whatever Judges Think It Does The Founders put the Constitution in writing and designed the judiciary to interpret it the same way. That way, judges can’t just make it up as they go along. By Thomas Jipping – April 07, 2020 Many Americans know precious little about our system of government;…

America’s Democrat Socialist Party

The 2019 (American Communist Party) aka, Democratic Socialist of America meeting in convention in August 2019 in Atlanta Georgia. Teachers and other socialists gathering to espouse the conversion of America to Marxism. To exchange cell phones, cars, jobs, families, ideas, and healthcare, for empty shelves with no food, and extreme and painful equality for everyone…

High School History Turned Marxist

High School History Teacher Throws Out Textbooks For Radical Marxist ‘History’ Book Howard Zinn’s radical revisionist ‘history’ book, ‘A People’s History’ of The United States, is the new normal in the American education system. By Evita Duffy – JUNE 19, 2020 A young high school history teacher, named Annie, posted a TikTok video raving about Howard Zinn’s…