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The Constitution & Slavery

If The Founders Didn’t Compromise On Slavery, The Constitution And United States Wouldn’t Exist For a country formed as a marriage between free and slave states, the Constitution was a compromise. By Guy Chet – AUGUST 29, 2020 Why are Americans debating whether the Constitution is a pro-slavery document more than 150 years after the abolition of…

A Contrast in Our History

A bit of History to Remember… by Stuart MacPhail – August, 2020 In his first annual message in December 1829, President Jackson (a Democrat) promoted the benefits of paying off the federal debt.  He said the people would be “relieved from a considerable portion of its present burdens” and be able to “display individual enterprise.” …

Public Education Alternative

Dealing with the CCP virus this year has resulted in significant changes in America’s culture including education. With teachers threatening to not teach in schools or online without their demands being met, parents have been placed between a rock and a hard place. In the 1970s, Michael Farris created the Homeschooling Defense League and home…

America’s Crossroad

This is an open letter to America from Robbie of Arizona, a naturalized American citizen whom I am honored to call a friend. It is the third in a series of testimonies and warnings for Americans to consider as they cast their votes in the November, 2020, elections. (David Leeper, August, 2020) America’s Crossroad The…

Constitution’s Preamble

The Meaning of the Preamble By Dennis Haugh – Aug 19, 2020 We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and…

Opportunity for School Choice

WSJ August 8, 2020 The Cares Act Creates an Opportunity for School Choice But South Carolina’s public-education lobby is attempting to block need-based scholarships. By Ellen Weaver | 747 words Elizabeth Reilly was preparing for a hard conversation with her children. She couldn’t afford to keep them in the private school they had always attended….

Path to a Convention: Continued

This is a supplement to last weeks August 14, 2020 article, Path to a Balanced Budget of  presented by Let Us Vote for a BBA Newsletter of August 5, 2020. It was titled The Most Direct Path to a Balanced Budget Amendment. This is from their August 20, 2020 newsletter. In a recent AP article, writer Michael Biesecker…

Parents: None the Wiser

Fourth Grade Teacher Details How Schools Push Ban History And Leftist Agendas ‘The parents don’t even know what’s going on because it’s all at school,’ says a fourth grade teacher in an interview. ‘The parents question very little and they just assume the teacher knows what they’re doing.’ By Paulina Enck – AUGUST 1, 2020 A world…

We the People

Dear Friends, by Dr. James Dobson – August, 2020 As I write this newsletter, voters across this nation are only a few short months away from the next general election. What an ominous time this is for our 244-year-old republic. Its future hangs in the balance. The choices we make on November 3rd will send…

Debt Fatigue, Not COVID-19

BREAKING NEWS (?):  America is Suffering ‘Debt Fatigue’ – by Stuart MacPhail – August, 2020 A July 16 article in The Hill by economists Barry Poulson and John Merrifield is headed Debt Fatigue, Not Coronavirus is Destroying America. They say “Over the past half century … governments at all levels have experienced debt fatigue.”  Comparing today to the later…

High School Principal Speech

If every high school principal gave the following speech, America would be a much better place.

America’s Threat: Debt

Federal Debt is a Threat We Must Address By Robert Charles – August 2020 The United States confronts security threats of varying kinds—foreign and domestic, visible and invisible, immediate and creeping. Arguably, the most significant domestic, invisible, creeping threat is runaway debt. It can be addressed, and it must. For that, we need leaders to…

End of Education’s Monopoly?

Could COVID-19 End the Government Monopoly on Education? The pandemic could usher in a new era of school choice. By Daniel J. Mitchell – August 7, 2020 The coronavirus has been horrible news, most obviously because of death and suffering. But the disease has also wreaked havoc with the economy and given politicians an excuse to push counterproductive policies. But…

Path to a Balanced Budget

The Most Direct Path to a Balanced Budget Amendment  Let Us Vote For BBA – August 5, 2020 Last week, The New York Times along with many Associated Press affiliates across the country published an article written by Michael Biesecker, exploring a potential federal lawsuit which could force Congress to call an Article V Convention to…

Fund Education, Not Government Schools

New Rand Paul Plan Would Empower Struggling Families Amid COVID-19 School Closures Under the status quo, taxpayer dollars fund government schools, not education. Sen. Rand Paul’s SCHOOL Act seeks to change that. By Brad Polumbo – August 7, 2020 Under the status quo, taxpayer dollars fund government schools, not education. Americans are taxed to provide…

A Mostly Non-Contact Sport

By Dennis Haugh – Aug 7, 2020 Americans can’t seem to agree on much of anything these days. In point of fact, Americans have always disagreed in their conclusions. That is the nature of liberty and freedom. But there had previously been a willingness to reach a consensus on the facts upon which to reach…